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Synonyms for pimple

Synonyms for pimple

a small inflamed elevation of the skin


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In an FDA-reviewed clinical trial, 90% of pimples treated in this manner demonstrated improvement or resolution within 24 hours.
In addition, she noted that cosmetics, which traditionally were used to cover or camouflage redness and pimples from acne, now often contain powdered formulas of silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which absorb oil, are nonirritating and camouflage redness.
In a clinical trial reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, 90% of the pimples treated showed improvement or resolution within 24 hours, according to a Tyrell spokesman.
Q: Does gobbling candy bars or French fries cause pimples to pop?
Beauty bonus: It also contains Detox Vitamins to help lighten pimple marks and blemishes.
Tyrell executives say that in a clinical trial reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration 90% of the pimples treated demonstrated improvement or resolution within 24 hours.
Add in the fact that your skin produces more oil from the drying effect of the pool or ocean, as well as your choice to smartly apply sunscreen (because no one wants to look the part of a dorky-burnt tourist), and your skin is now in pimple mode.
28 when he noticed a lump on his neck, which he mistook for a pimple.
But lingering on those interceptions would be like fixating on a pimple on Halle Berry's cheek.
IT'S reassuring to see that even TV beauties get the occasional pimple.
Hanks, who was Oscar-nominated for best actor for his role as Jim Lovell in the film, was also impressed with the format but jokingly commented that while the film's action scenes play well on the bigger screen, his concern was the close-ups where ``a pimple could be the size of a Volkswagen'' or an errant strand of co-star Bill Paxton's hair ``could look like a Lincoln Log.
When the ghost of Christmas Past asks Scrooge if seeing his old girlfriend has caused a tear to fall on his cheek, he replies, ``No - that's a pimple.
I get bad acne, and the "quick pimple fix #1" really helps
Another kind of bump that might pop up around your panty line is a plain old pimple.