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Synonyms for pimple

Synonyms for pimple

a small inflamed elevation of the skin


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And I'm sure that Taylor has her pimple breakouts, too.
pimple sorted, we learned that the pesky camera crew had left bits of mud on the floor in shorty's hotel suite, which led to our hero calling for a cleaner.
One item hit home for the students -- the request for pimple cream.
This meant that the assault on the Pimple, the final objective, would be delayed.
A source said: "With a face like that it should have been PIMPLES and maids.
Off duty, I enjoy looking cruddy in my weekend sweats, with a pimple on my face and pimple cream on top of that pimple.
You know that life is creeping up on you when the signposts of your adolescence curdle into camp before you've barely vanquished your last pimple.
He had had a pimple on his right cheek approximately 3 weeks before, which had discharged "bluish" pus on forcible evacuation and subsequently healed without treatment.
Two white bars float near the top of each canvas, suggesting hinges, while a loose rendering of the Apple corporate logo punctuates the lower middle, a bright little pimple of absurd color in a foggy monochrome surround.
The bump you described on your forehead could be a number of things, including a pimple or a cyst.
Once upon a time there was a man who had a pimple in the middle of his back.
Say you have a pimple on your nose and you'd like a professional to pop it.
Having long been a bundle of frayed nerves and ready explanations, Bagley has recently been working himself into a nervous breakdown, trying to think of a new way to sell pimple cream.