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Synonyms for pimp



Synonyms for pimp

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

arrange for sexual partners for others

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A vote calling for legalizing pimping would in effect support gender apartheid, in which some women in society can demand protection from rape, discrimination and sexual harassment, while others, the most vulnerable among us, are instead set aside for consumption by men and for the profit of their pimps," said Taina Bien-Aime, CATW's executive director.
By simply defining pimping we have revealed it to be a poor approach to teaching.
In addition, sexuality is a taboo subject as are prostitution and pimping.
The director, Michael Campus, went to Oakland and met with the Ward brothers, a couple of real-life street toughs, to get a more realistic view of pimping, and also to get their cooperation in making the film.
based Coalition Against Trafficking in Women to strengthen and enforce laws against traffickers and to create and enforce anti pimping laws.
He asserted that pimping was never about the money, but about the fascination of being one.
Of course, Galpin buys a lot of ad space from the Daily News, so I guess the Daily News is just pimping for Galpin Ford.
Poverty pimping, generally speaking, was another form of at least de-facto welfare fraud.
The report by Le Figaro said 'the judges felt that serious corroborating evidence make likely the effective and decisive participation of Strauss Kahn in acts of pimping.
Along with four counts of money laundering, Fetissova also was convicted of one count each of pimping, pandering, conspiracy to commit pimping and conspiracy to commit pandering, Daniel said.
The court ruled that while soliciting will remain banned, pimping should be allowed, except in cases of exploitation, The BBC reports.
Villaraigosa, saying he supported taking vehicles from those involved in pimping and drug dealing, questioned whether the city should limit the dumping provision to commercial vehicles.
Demi then shot back: 'No disrespect I love a girls night out but a pimp and pimping is nothing more than a slave owner
A convicted madam already doing time in state prison for pimping out of a Van Nuys hotel room was sentenced Monday to 18 months for federal tax evasion.
Calling Jody Babydol Gibson a ``tragic, pathetic'' woman, a judge sentenced her to three years in prison Monday for pimping call girls to celebrities, professional athletes and executives.