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Synonyms for pimp



Synonyms for pimp

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

arrange for sexual partners for others

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The revelation comes just days after police raided a brothel in Poland and discovered almost all of the girls working at it had been branded by their pimps.
You can also talk to pimps through different websites which clearly reveal the services they provide and at what rate.
Members of the body chose to stay away from a scheduled meeting to avoid being branded as pimps.
One we are hoping to do is an extension of Pimp about a London cabbie who comes home to Peterhead to attend his dad's funeral and finds there's no funeral and his dad's not dead.
Pimp Up My Wife is here to turn the ugliest of wives into goddesses.
36) Like the messenger boy in Butte, Montana, urban youths were trying drugs because they were "part and parcel of the role of a successful pimp.
At a time when most black men realized a fundamental freedom and power over their lives was denied them at every turn, the pimp, for better or worse, was equated with self-assertion," writes Donald Bogle, author of Blacks in American Films and Television (Garland, 1988).
Pimp My Ride thrusts gamers into the world of Pimp City.
The pimp told her she would have sex with five men every day for BD50 each.
New York, May 9 ( ANI ): Snoop Lion has shockingly revealed that he was an actual pimp.
Notorious Dublin pimp Martin Morgan was jailed for three years in 2008 after he was found guilty of running a brothel at Bachelors Walk in the city centre.
While two of the women are from Kyrgyztan, the rest -- including the pimp -- are from Uzbekistan.
POLICE have been helping youngsters to pimp their rides.
A pimp is defined as ``one who finds customers for a prostitute.
MTV's Pimp My Ride UK is offering one viewer and their car the opportunity to star in Pimp My Ride series 2.