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fully ripened sweet red pepper


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The Cranberry Apple Salad features mixed greens, dried sweetened cranberries, Fuji apples, feta cheese, chow mein noodles and poppy seed dressing; the holiday Pimento Cheeseball showcases Chicken Salad Chick's homemade pimento cheese coated in crushed pecans and crispy bacon; and the Chicken Tortilla Soup features roasted corn, diced tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, tortilla strips and sour cream.
Ingredients Feeds 8, Fits 25cm x35cm baking tray 3-4 large aubergines | 1 1/2 portions of Lia's Kitchen basic |tomato sauce, with parsley (refer to website) 1 large onion, sliced | 2 bell peppers, one red and one green | 1 tin of pre-cooked puy lentils, 400g | 6-8 chestnut or other mushrooms |roughly chopped 2 tablespoons chopped parsley | A small handful of pimento berries |ground finely Salt | Olive oil | 300 grams of grated cheddar or |Parmesan cheese OR a mixture of the two Preparation 1.
SPICED TODDY 40ml Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo, 10ml Pimento Dram, 4-5 dashes orange bitters, 10ml sugar syrup (dissolve 1 cup sugar in 2 cups water), hot Darjeeling tea Pour rum, Pimento, bitters and syrup into a tea cup or glass and stir.
Chipolatas are long, very thin sausages normally made from coarse-ground pork seasoned with salt and pepper and herbs, such as sage, thyme, pimento and/or nutmeg.
You can add tasty variety to this recipe by sprinkling a little dried dill over the meat along with the salt and pepper, or substituting a tablespoon or two of sliced, stuffed olives for the pimento strips.
The food items at the reception will include Augusta-like pimento cheese sandwiches wrapped in green wax paper.
For the pimento emulsion: In food processor fitted with a metal
The ultimate result: The Triple Stacked Burger, a juicy beef patty with a zesty red pepper pimento blend of sharp Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, topped with ham, crispy bacon, pickles and more cheese, all stacked on a toasted bun and served with fresh home-style potato chips.
For lovers of olives or retro looks, the Pimento table lamp includes a three-way rotary switch and measures 30 inches high.
Mark asked for grilled plantain and white fish, seasoned with bay leaf and pimento, all served on a bed of rocket (pounds 4.
Blaser's uses natural ingredients to create innovative flavors that include Capers & Black Peppercorn, Scallions & Crushed Rosemary, Jalapeno Peppers, Garden Vegetable & Sweet Basil, Garlic Chive & Spring Dill, Olive Pimento & Lemon Pepper, Roasted Garlic & Tomato Basil, Sun-Dried Tomato & Pesto, Pepperoni & Marinara and Salsa & Cilantro.
The middle note is pure elegance with pimento, star anise and cardamom, culminating in the magnetic sensuality of vanilla and white amber.
Television viewers had been asked to vote for the top 50 things everyone should sample in their lifetime, and Jamaican jerk pork and chicken were voted in at number 47, just ahead of traditional British Cornish pasties and Scottish haggis "Jerk refers to the Jamaican method of cooking meat, seasoned with pimento (allspice) over an open fire.
A fragrance of oriental character with a top note of bergamot, musks, pimento and raspberry, and a woody base of patchouli, vanilla and vetivert.
My oldest daughter will make her brocolli rice dish and pimento cheese sandwiches.