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an enclosed compartment from which a vessel can be navigated

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The Nemertes PilotHouse awards for IPCC, now in its third year, recognises IP contact centre vendors that offer solutions such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, computer telephony integration, and related applications over an IP-based service.
Nemertes Research conducts the PilotHouse Award Program annually.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1960) Main Title / Hannibal, Missouri / Huck and Jim / Huckleberry Finn / Pap / Pap's Cabin / Pap and Huck / Huck's Murder / Huck Gets Away / Starting Down the River / After the Feud / Jim's Sins / On to Pikesville / The Placard / In Pikesville / The Blessing / Huck Hunts the Gold / Huck Gets the Gold / Huck Hides the Gold / The English Uncles / On the Raft / A Houseboat in the Fog / The Raft Is Destroyed / The Riverboat / I Ain't Never Felt So Good Before / I'll Wait for You by the River / In the Pilothouse / The River / Back to the River / Carmody's Circus / Jim Is Caught / The Sheriff / Jim in Chains / The Sheriff's Wife / Huck Frees Jim / The Chase / The New Raft / Hannibal, Missouri / End Title.
All three men in the pilothouse exchanged rueful glances, uneasily sharing sea stories and monitoring the waves.
Still wanting a towboat job, in 1995 she was sitting in the pilothouse of a casino boat when she happened to see a small newspaper ad about the Sisters of St.
Kerry ran out of his pilothouse and, thanking God the scramble nets were over the bow, struggled to get Rassmann on board.
Mark Twain used to be a steamboat pilot like the man in blue uniform standing on the dock Can you help this steamboat pilot get to the pilothouse on top of the boat?
Towards the rear of the building visitors climb a grand staircase to the mezzanine and a reconstructed pilothouse.
The piece is from the outer pilothouse wall of the Amami, which the unidentified ship hit with about 130 rounds before the latter sank in the East China Sea on Dec.
Anchor chocks, coiled rope on deck, a helmsman's chair, tow rails, safety netting, an American flag flying atop the pilothouse, and four sailors (replete with lifesaving vests and safety helmets) are among the highlights.
A pilothouse sloop of forty-five feet with a fourteen-foot beam and displacing 31,000 pounds, she was seaworthy as they come, would have been a worthy craft for an experienced, adventurous skipper.
It had a pilothouse, but not a galley or crew quarters, and also had a radar unit that, while the vessel was moored, was used to monitor weather conditions.
Jim Davis, the captain of the private yacht Oceanus, is a happy man as he stands on the bridge of his domain and contemplates the view from her pilothouse windows.
The bright orange and yellow rescue beacon is mounted securely to the deck, pilothouse roof, bulkhead or other readily accessible locations on maritime ships, fishing vessels, pleasure crafts or other boats.
He does his creative work in a studio that is the pilothouse of a houseboat on the waterfront in Sausalito, Calif.