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a locomotive that precedes a train to check the track

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The chief minister said the railway officials had not run a pilot engine or train ahead of Rajdhani Express at night in keeping with their usual practice.
Lalu said it was gross negligence on part of the railway officials not to run a pilot engine ahead of an important train such as Rajdhani.
Pilot engine was going from Gomea to Badakakana on a routine journey with four Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel.
As the pilot engine reached pole number 59, the naxals in hiding blasted the railway track forcing the pilot engine to stop.
Apprehending danger to the train, a pilot engine was sent on before.
Within a mile and a quarter of Glenrowan the pilot engine came back to say that Glenrowan was struck by Kelly's gang, who had torn up the line to destroy the party on the train.
Applying a View to a live or saved traffic source triggers the underlying Pilot engine to process the packets and display the results in a broad range of user-determined ways, including strip charts, peer tables, and more.
The modified and upgraded pilot engine already contributed reliably to the power and heat supply of the city of Rosenheim last winter.
Keeping in mind the security, we have initiated a pilot engine running with all goods train, we are patrolling the tracks and sending escorts with each trains," said Prabhat Ranjan, divisional operation manager, Hatia Division.
According to sources, the blast occurred between Manohar and Posoita railway stations just in front of the engine of the train, some 20 minutes after a pilot engine had passed.
Some initial pilot engines are being placed through distribution in wood chipper and irrigation applications.
Repair trains, cranes, firefighting means, pilot engines, special repair teams and medical staff.