pillow slip

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bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow

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Range starts at pounds 18 for a pillow slip up to pounds 80 for the double cover.
Beaten and hooded with a pillow slip, Frank Jones was kidnapped from his Trearddur Bay home and driven to his Holyhead post office while his wife Mona remained imprisoned in the Volvo boot.
I put them in a pillow slip and throw them in the washing machine and wash them,'' said Graves, a retired meat wrapper.
Among their list of recommended extras for every player are two pairs of bedsheets, a pillow slip, own soap and towel because these are not supplied in hotels and mosquito repllent.
She was wrapped in a cream towel and white pillow slip in a blue plastic Ikea bag.
After a night tied up together, Mrs Norvill was left bound to the bed alone while her husband was taken in his own car to the post office with a pillow slip over his head.
A pillow slip was put over his head, with a rope round his neck.
The Contract covers a range of items from PVC Bedding and Shrouds, including Pillow Slips, Mattress Covers and Body Bags.
MONDAY MOTHER White wash in copper, mangled and pegged out, A stiff breeze fills the shirts with seven men, The sheet and pillow slips to sailing ships, The groaning, wooden, goose-beaked prop in place.
She will have rose petals in the gold bath and will be able to rest after the show on special silk pillow slips, which prevent wrinkles and creases.