pillow fight

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a child's game of fighting with pillows

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The organizers say that their aim of promoting the pillow fight is to get people outside and relieve them of stress.
It was amusing having pillow fights with Robbie Savage at three in the morning
I take it, therefore, that the apartment pillow fight is a legally acceptable metaphor for sex.
And the next thing I know, we were in a pillow fight like a bunch of kids, with me getting the worst of it because everybody was throwing pillows at me
Perhaps a promise to shoot their next pillow fight and post it on YouTube?
Students also set unofficial records for the longest group Christmas carol performance and the largest, longest pillow fight.
Inside this deadly hunt we can give chase and enter into combat at full throttle, competing with the fiend in a no-holds-barred, cosmic pillow fight.
Unique Online Technology Enables Visitors from Shanghai to San Francisco to Pick up a Pillow and Join the First Ever Virtual Pillow Fight at Sheratonplay.
ONE YEAR AGO GIANT peaches, tightropewalking foxes and a huge pillow fight - Cardiff became the 'City of the Unexpected' over the weekend as the capital celebrated the centenary of Roald Dahl.
Mr Jamieson has revealed a huge pillow fight with 1,200 participants is being planned.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Iceland 9 Ocean 10 Eland 11 Settled 12 Ski 13 Driveway 16 Inkwells 17 Roe 19 Stiffen 21 Madam 22 Extol 23 Surgeon DOWN: 1 Finesse 2 Legation 3 Hand 4 Fortress 5 Real 6 Snide 8 Disciplines 13 Downfall 14 Abridged 15 Germany 18 Islet 20 Iota 21 More QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Pillow fight 8 Doc 9 Are 1 Elevate 12 Ad-lib 13 Cod 14 Loo 15 Sizzled 17 Rot 19 Ally 21Wage 23 Tuna 25 Fool 27 Yes 29 Invader 31 Emu 34 See 36 Loner 37 Receive 38 Dad 39 Del 40 Nosey parker DOWN: 1 Polo 2 Iced 3 Leading 4Wheeze 5 Image 6 Hall 7 Trio 8 Decor 10 Ebony 16 Dan 18 Two 20 Lay 22 Ali 24 Used car 25 Field 26 Pair up 28 Steel 30 Nerve 32 Moan 33 Undo 34 Side 35 Ever
HUNDREDS of people armed with fluffy pillows battled it out for International Pillow Fight Day.
2 INSTEAD of celebrating with flowers, hundreds of people hit the streets of San Francisco every Valentine's Day - for a pillow fight.
Summary: Pillow Fight Day gets brutal in Hong Kong.
Hundreds of people descended on Trafalgar Square this afternoon for the feathery fracas of the 6th International Pillow Fight Day.