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Synonyms for pillow


Synonyms for pillow

a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person

rest on or as if on a pillow


References in classic literature ?
It was night: a candle burnt on the table; Bessie stood at the bed-foot with a basin in her hand, and a gentleman sat in a chair near my pillow, leaning over me.
Tossing about, she increased her feverish bewilderment to madness, and tore the pillow with her teeth; then raising herself up all burning, desired that I would open the window.
he shouted and he caught hold of his pillow and threw it at her.
But when he lifted up his pillow, there sparkled the gold piece, and the next morning he found another, and so on every time he got up.
Mazarin rolled his head about upon his pillow, without articulating a syllable.
And when the princess opened the door the frog came in, and slept upon her pillow as before, till the morning broke.
He climbed up on the bed and put his head on the pillow.
This they did; but, instead of getting into separate beds, as they thought they were doing, they both climbed into the same one without knowing it - one getting in with his head at the top, and the other crawling in from the opposite side of the compass, and lying with his feet on the pillow.
Dalloway lay half-raised on a pillow, and did not open her eyes.
Jane made a movement as if she were tossing her head on her pillow.
It was death he craved for in the hot, burning nights, and death came and sat, a grisly shadow, at his pillow.
When Daughtry threw three under the bunk and demanded four, Michael would deliver the three, search about vainly for the fourth, then dance pleadingly with bobs of tail and half-leaps about Steward, and finally leap into the bed and secure the fourth from under the pillow or among the blankets.
In case of feeling hungry in the night, I keep a box of chocolate under the pillow.
I found under his pillow a letter, sealed and stamped, ready for the post.
Now lie back--and tell me if I know how to establish the right sort of sympathy between a tumbled pillow and a weary head.