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Synonyms for pillow


Synonyms for pillow

a cushion to support the head of a sleeping person

rest on or as if on a pillow


References in classic literature ?
Presently, a sort of choking sound came out of the pillow, and went straight to her heart the most pathetic sob she ever heard, for, though it was the most natural means of relief, the poor fellow must not indulge in it because of the afflicted eyes.
Take your head out of that hot pillow, and let me cool it.
said Rostov, picking up the pillows one at a time and shaking them.
Still--'twon't last, with me tossing back and forth on the pillow as I do.
Anyhow, I should think you'd be glad it's black--black shows up so much nicer on a pillow than yellow hair like mine does.
Thenceforward he found no more gold under his pillow, and it lay under the maiden's; but he was so much in love and so much bewitched that he thought of nothing except spending all his time with the maiden.
He seized on one of the pillows, and looked suddenly at Hester.
He broke out in mocking laughter, then turned his left ear to the pillow as a sign that he wished no further conversation.
But don't take on about that,' urged the Marchioness, as Dick fell back upon his pillow.
She propped him up with pillows, if not as skilfully as if she had been a professional nurse all her life, at least as tenderly; and looked on with unutterable satisfaction while the patient--stopping every now and then to shake her by the hand--took his poor meal with an appetite and relish, which the greatest dainties of the earth, under any other circumstances, would have failed to provoke.
he shouted and he caught hold of his pillow and threw it at her.
Perhaps he'll try to throw his pillow at me again, but--I think--I'll go.
At first there was a little peevish cry of "mammy", and an effort to regain the pillowing arm and bosom; but mammy's ear was deaf, and the pillow seemed to be slipping away backward.
Now lie back--and tell me if I know how to establish the right sort of sympathy between a tumbled pillow and a weary head.
And it was all very nice - the large, sunny room; his deep, easy-chair in a bow window, with pillows and a footstool; the quiet, watchful care of the elderly, gentle woman who had borne him five children, and had not, perhaps, lived with him more than five full years out of the thirty or so of their married life.