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Synonyms for pillbox

a small round woman's hat


a small case for holding pills

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a small enclosed gun emplacement (usually of fortified concrete)

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The 49-year-old's body had been dumped in a wartime pillbox in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, in September 1955.
The Accutab Personal Pillbox (Accutab) turns your smart watch into a practical medication adherence tool.
In the Second World War, RAF Ack-Ack lington was a fighter base and some of its original buildings survive, including a pillbox with a mounting for an anti-aircraft gun on the roof.
Kate Middleton's look has been compared to that of Princess Diana in 1984 when she wore red pillbox hat with red and black coat.
A survey of wartime sites on the county's coastline was conducted in 2010 and at the time nothing was known of the presence of the pillbox.
Pillbox was introduced to us through the business networking site and with their specialist skills and award-wining track record in packaging design they were the ideal choice for us to work with.
The range, on sale now, has a red and gold colour scheme and includes a tankard (PS39), coffee mug (PS25), teacup and saucer (PS55), pillbox (PS29), side plate (PS39) and a commemorative plate (PS89).
com)-- Med-Q has created a life saving pillbox for the deaf and hard of hearing.
As I puffed on this Havana (I did not go green this time), I wondered if his dad had ever been on sentry duty in that old pillbox and had left behind that old cigar butt.
Victoria, 37, ended up choosing 'Look #2' from her fall-winter 2011 collection in inky blue with a Philip Treacy pillbox hat and pair of gravity-defying Louboutins.
The positions will be replaced with pillbox posts along the border and will be manned in accordance with the changing security assessments in the area.
She accessorised the dress with a Philip Treacy pillbox hat and a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that she collaborated with Christian to customize.
Acting alone, he advanced on the nearest pillbox and hurled demolition and white phosphorus grenades at the bunker, killing two enemy soldiers and driving five more out into the trench system.
Home guard: A pillbox in the grounds of Ury House Blocking the way: Anti-tank cubes in Glenshee Research: Gordon Barclay Invasion threat: Adolf Hitler
Each dated pillbox has red and green color coding--green indicates pills are to be taken, and once emptied, the pillbox is turned upside down with the red end showing.