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Synonyms for pillbox

a small round woman's hat


a small case for holding pills

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a small enclosed gun emplacement (usually of fortified concrete)

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gov package inserts to review list of medication ingredients * National drug code or specific manufacturer, drug, dose, and formulation is required to review ingredient list for specific product Pillbox * Find medications without certain https://pillbox.
A report in Makor Rishon said that the step was taken after a series of complaints in recent months over the close contact between male and female soldiers entailed at pillbox posts as well as the mixed sleeping arrangements at the posts.
He replied that the shelling had been so intense around the pillbox after it was taken that he decided to stop where he was until it slackened.
The pillbox was built as a lookout during the Second World War.
5CHIPS: The German shepherd cross stormed a WWII pillbox in Sicily, forcing the soldiers inside to surrender.
There's even a sighting of HRH Princess Margaret, 1960s royalty-meets-film star, in a glam, fluffy cream pillbox, opening the new community centre because Chummy (the adorable Miranda Hart) has pulled some top-drawer strings.
The surge which caused flooding across the North East last Thursday uncovered a wartime pillbox structure in the sand dunes at Bamburgh in Northumberland.
The Pillbox seated no more than 100 people, at first on packing crates and folding chairs.
Moore gives special attention to the flights that most struck him, such as the Bridge at Koblenz and the Pillbox on Utah.
Short run label and carton printer Mercian Labels and packaging design house Pillbox Design have partnered in an exclusive arrangement to offer an integrated design service for digitally printed labels and packaging.
com)-- Med-Q has created a life saving pillbox for the deaf and hard of hearing.
As I puffed on this Havana (I did not go green this time), I wondered if his dad had ever been on sentry duty in that old pillbox and had left behind that old cigar butt.
Victoria, 37, ended up choosing 'Look #2' from her fall-winter 2011 collection in inky blue with a Philip Treacy pillbox hat and pair of gravity-defying Louboutins.
The positions will be replaced with pillbox posts along the border and will be manned in accordance with the changing security assessments in the area.