pillar of strength

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a person who can be relied on to give a great deal of support and comfort

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Liquidity remains a key pillar of strength for Arab Bank with a loan to deposit ratio of 67.
Germany has proved a pillar of strength throughout the eurozone crisis, but growth slowed to 0.
A pillar of strength in the Wales back-row, he has become both an attacking force and a defensive rock.
Kelburne's weakened squad did well to keep the score down to six against the Dutch league leaders with ex-international defender Mark Ralph a pillar of strength at the back.
Everyone enjoys a fast attacking game but you can also enjoy grinding out a win and being a pillar of strength - defend and lead from the front.
He made a real difference and was a pillar of strength among his team.
IANS ACTOR-PRODUCER Sanjay Dutt says he wants to be like his late father Sunil Dutt, who was like a pillar of strength for his family.
They nurtured the culture and growth of the Estee Lauder Companies, and as we grew, my mother was our creative compass and pillar of strength.
Nangolo-Rukoro was inducted as an outstanding professional determined to improve the lives of fellow citizens as well as for her efforts in enhancing vocational training, while Rubinstein was recognised for being a pillar of strength to Junior Achievement's staff members.
CO Lt Col Giles Woodhouse added: "He was a pillar of strength in C Company - one of those soldiers who never let you down.
PEACEFULLY Peacefully you passed away As I sat by your side I watched you take your final breath Then I broke down and cried I knew you had to leave me That it was time for you to go But why did the Lord call you When it''s me that needs you so I wrapped my arms around you And whispered I love you I held you very close to me Not knowing what to do For you have beenmy pillar Of strength that I''ve leaned on Where am I to get the strength To help me carry on Tome youweremyworld Everything that I held dear What''s going to happen tomy life Nowthat you''re not here.
She has stood as a pillar of strength and passion on issues central to our nation's purpose and future: an end to poverty and homelessness; justice for workers and equality for women; and affordable health care for all Americans.
Henson (1866-1955) served as a driver of dogs, translator of Inuktitut, skilled jack-of-all-trades, and pillar of strength and endurance on Robert E.
With his devotion to his family and his unstinting work for the GAA and Credit Union, Dinny was a pillar of strength, stability and common sense to so many people.
Today, Mujeres Unidas has several programs and continues to be a pillar of strength and hope for Latinas and their families in San Antonio.