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Disgruntled customers will be expected to walk to a pillar box in Quarry Bank High Street, nearly a quarter of a mile away, for a later collection at 5.
It would be interesting to know if it's the oldest pillar box in North Wales.
1499: Perkin Warbeck, the imposter claiming to be the Duke of York, was hanged at the Tower of London 1852: Britain's first pillar box was erected in Jersey 1859: Outlaw Billy the Kid (William H Bonney) was born 1869: Valdemar Poulsen, Danish inventor of the tape recorder, which he patented in 1898, was born 1887: Boris Karloff, actor best-known for horror roles, was born in London 1888: Harpo Marx, the Marx Brother who never spoke on screen, was born 1910: Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, who poisoned his wife to seek a new life with his lover, Ethel Le Neve, was hanged at Pentoville Prison 1963: The first episode of the BBC TV serial Dr Who was screened in Britain.
The High Street is a fetish of slick black and patent leather - stop the traffic with a burst of pillar box red or a jolt of cobalt blue for that extra va va vroom
Middlesbrough Council has promised they will be replaced with more sympathetic black pillar box style bins.
And after being stuck in this pillar box who can blame him?
We've found that an extraordinary range of goods and services are suitable for online bidding events, from international air freight to pillar box locks," said Stevens.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of Lt Distribution Pillar Box And Replacement Of Damage Lugs, Spring Contact And Other Related Works Both On T/F And Pillar Box S/S B.
She then trots after Harriet as she turns up Imperial Road and takes a breather at the well-known red pillar box half way up the road.
CALLUM DAVIDSON has watched Andy Murray's gold pillar box lure tennis fans in their droves to Dunblane.
If you find it a difficult colour to wear, why not test the waters with a burgundy jumper or brave a pair of pillar box red tights?
The cut of her pillar box red jacket made it very clear that the singer hadn't bothered with a bra underneath, in fact the ensemble did little in providing any support and the singer was left looking a little deflated.
The hues - from shell white to pillar box red, and rose pinks to lavenders - have been created with iconically elegant females, like audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis, very firmly in mind.
The red pillar box, which started from Mumbles Pier, Swansea, yesterday will tour Wales' towns, cities and beauty spots along with a seven-foot postcard.
ROYAL Mail's red pillar box is to lose its monopoly after a rival unveiled plans to introduce its own boxes.