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Synonyms for pilus

any of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal

hairlike structure especially on the surface of a cell or microorganism

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Almost a decade later, Nanay Merle now owns a three-hectare property with pili and coconut trees, and manages approximately 10 parcels of leased agricultural
To advance the effort, PILI asked for help through its Global Pro Bono Clearinghouse, which distributes pro bono opportunities to law firms that secure partnerships with in-house lawyers.
Among the 10 selected clinical isolates representing the various genotypes, the polar type 4 pili encoding genes pilK, H, I and G were significantly over-expressed relative to housekeeping rpoD gene (Table 1).
Written for researchers and scientists in the fields of molecular biology, microbial adhesion, pathogenesis, virulence and structural biology, this volume gathers the latest knowledge on prokaryotic pili and flagella and how these structures function in various organisms.
Based on some preliminary biophysical experiments and routine scanning electron microscopical (SEM) observation, bionanotube (BNT) = fimbriae = pili of Escherichia coli has been considered for drug delivery and for vaccination uses.
Dingane Pili Jackson, 26, was returning from the San Francisco Bay Area when he was pulled over by CHP Officer Byron Wong about 10 a.
By interacting with periplasmic molecular chaperones it is achieved that the assembly of pili is prevented or inhibited and thereby the infectivity of the bacteria is diminished.
Pili has come a long way since Shari Lewis' Lambchop.
Happily for Chicagoans, de Melogue has lately been creating quite a stir and receiving kudos from customers at Pili.
Taylor's interest in creating an entirely new work that merges modern dance with an art form practiced for centuries by Hawaiians brought him together with Michael Pili Pang, founder and kuma hula, or teacher, of the Waimea school.
Without the scaffolding, bacteria are unable to construct adhesive pili and are washed off tissues by body fluids, explains Scott J.
Each hair is attached to small muscles called arrector pili muscles.
Titi Pili doesn't speak anything but Spanish and makes faces at me when I say something in English to her but she makes the best pasteles in New York City and the prettiest colchas.
Theo created its Congo bars in two dark chocolate flavors: Pili Pili Chili and Vanilla Nib.