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Synonyms for pilus

any of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal

hairlike structure especially on the surface of a cell or microorganism

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The fact that ST25 strains do not express MRP or the srtF pili, yet they are more virulent than ST28 strains, further demonstrates the dispensability of these factors for the full virulence of S.
Among the 10 selected clinical isolates representing the various genotypes, the polar type 4 pili encoding genes pilK, H, I and G were significantly over-expressed relative to housekeeping rpoD gene (Table 1).
artists the Zoo Pili Palas would Enjoy a day out at Anglesey Sea Zoo, Wales' largest marine aquarium.
Dingane Pili Jackson, 26, was returning from the San Francisco Bay Area when he was pulled over by CHP Officer Byron Wong about 10 a.
By interacting with periplasmic molecular chaperones it is achieved that the assembly of pili is prevented or inhibited and thereby the infectivity of the bacteria is diminished.
Both Devlin Bayne (6-6, 219) and Michael Speed (6-4, 220) will benefit from spending this year lifting weights, Greatwood said, as will Thor Pili, though he is more developed at 6-4, 250.
aeruginosa, free-swimming bacteria use flagella and pili to sense surfaces and initiate contact.
He has a Spanish wife, Pili, and a five-year-old son, Jacques, after whom the restaurant is named.
EXPERT ADVICE: Matt Piggott (second from right) calls on manager Michael List (centre) at MJ's fish restaurant in the Co-op, with David Donald (left) and Michael Pili, from the National Federation of Fish Fryers
Uruguyan Pili Pauskas, ex-Espanol stars Toni and Joan Cap de Vila, Benfica wonderkid Hugo Leal and brilliant Paraguayan stopper Carlos Gamarra have already joined up.
But Michael Pili, president of the federation, said things should turnaround in the summer.
Garg studied the effect of passive and active immunization with pili of Escherichia coli in the prevention of ascending pyelonephritis.
Taylor's interest in creating an entirely new work that merges modern dance with an art form practiced for centuries by Hawaiians brought him together with Michael Pili Pang, founder and kuma hula, or teacher, of the Waimea school.
Without the scaffolding, bacteria are unable to construct adhesive pili and are washed off tissues by body fluids, explains Scott J.