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someone who journeys in foreign lands

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one of the colonists from England who sailed to America on the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth in New England in 1620

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someone who journeys to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion

References in classic literature ?
I took a house in a town near Augsburg, and then joined these pilgrims, who are in the habit of coming to Spain in great numbers every year to visit the shrines there, which they look upon as their Indies and a sure and certain source of gain.
He has so often guided pilgrims over the road on foot that he considers it a sin to travel in any other fashion.
Smooth-it-away pointed to a large, antique edifice, which, he observed, was a tavern of long standing, and had formerly been a noted stopping-place for pilgrims.
Thus pleasantly conversing on the favorable circumstances of our position as compared with those of past pilgrims and of narrow-minded ones at the present day, we soon found ourselves at the foot of the Hill Difficulty.
Yet I should have been glad of an opportunity to visit the Palace Beautiful and be introduced to the charming young ladies--Miss Prudence, Miss Piety, Miss Charity, and the rest--who have the kindness to entertain pilgrims there.
At the end of the valley, as John Bunyan mentions, is a cavern, where, in his days, dwelt two cruel giants, Pope and Pagan, who had strown the ground about their residence with the bones of slaughtered pilgrims.
Sir Foulk Doilly the fourth,'' proceeded the Pilgrim.
Could my weak warrant add security to the inestimable pledge of this holy pilgrim, I would pledge name and fame that Ivanhoe gives this proud knight the meeting he desires.
And he walked from village to village as he had done on his way to Pashenka, meeting and parting from other pilgrims, men and women, and asking for bread and a night's rest in Christ's name.
The party stopped to let the Frenchman see the pilgrims who, in accord with a popular Russian superstition, tramped about from place to place instead of working.
The Frenchman found some small change and gave twenty kopeks to each of the pilgrims.
This happened at a night-refuge in a provincial town where he had passed the night with some pilgrims.
A hermit thriveth best where there be multi- tudes of pilgrims.
All our pilgrims looked on and commented -- on the expert way in which the whip was handled.
and yet the pilgrims invariably make them refer to the cities instead.