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a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom

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The gathering of the number of pileus per flushing was done by counting the number of pileus or fruits of each data bags per flushing per treatment.
paddy straw, wheat straw, sorghum straw, soybean straw, paddy + wheat straw (1:1), paddy + sorghum straw (1:1), paddy + soybean (1:1), wheat + soybean straw (1:1), wheat + soybean straw (1:1) and soybean + sorghum straw (1:1) on number of day required for completion of spawn run, number of days required for pinhead intiation, number of days required for development of matured fruiting bodied, number of pinhead, number of matured fruiting bodies, diameter of stipe, pileus diameter, yield, moisture content, dry weight and biological efficiency of P.
Uber das Apikalorgan (Statocyste) der Ctenophore Pleumbrachia pileus.
Distinguished from other species of Stropharia by the smooth and dark brown pi leus, abundant veil remnants on the pileus margin, basidiospores 10.
Ma sara un'incoronazione molto particolare: nel Battistero egli indossera con orgoglio non una corona di alloro, di edera o di mirto, ma proprio quel "cappello", il pileus, che gli sbanditi perdonati erano costretti a portare in modo umiliante.
Yield of the mushrooms was determined in terms of height and diameter of the stipe, diameter of the pileus and the fresh and dry weights of the harvested mushrooms.
completely overgrown with ivy" (a second time), "the onion" (again), "the Pharisees [again] or Round-heads," "The whirlpool of the ocean," "The hog" (which only "appears a large animal; but when cut across, it presents a form like that of the onion"--again), "death" (again), "The pileus, or hat of Mercury," and "the skull" (681).
zapotecorum has small basidiospores, (5-)6-7(-8) um, large pileus (20-)40-70(-110) mm and common pseudocystidia.
Nine updated papers discuss such topics as historical climate trends in Michigan and the Great Lakes region, the power of understanding judgment and decision processes, whether uncertain information is usable knowledge for agricultural adaptation to climate change, linking science to decision making in the region, and the Pileus Project as an example of the development and communications of an ensemble of local-scale climate scenarios.
Studies in Neotropical polypores 2: a preliminary key to Neotropical species of Ganoderma with a laccate pileus.
The females prefer to deposit their eggs in dried mushrooms with intact gills, and this pattern is obtained when using mushrooms harvested before the beginning of the senescence process (margin of pileus plane).
Pileus 2-8 cm across, hemispherical when young, later convex with an incurved margin, eventually plane, surface smooth, slightly lubricous, dark gray when young, later gray-brown to light gray.
0,38 Paraeuthria plumbea Paraeuthria ringei Margarites violacea Photinula taeniata Fissurella oriens Calyptrea pileus Poliplacoforos Plaxiphora aurata Tonicia lebruni Sacoglosos Indeterminados 3,07 Crustaceos Anfipodos gamaridos Phoxocephalidae Heterophoxus sp.