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a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom

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Yield of the mushrooms was determined in terms of height and diameter of the stipe, diameter of the pileus and the fresh and dry weights of the harvested mushrooms.
The diameter of pileus is reported to increase the quality and yield of mushroom.
The researchers compared not only these three species, but also wild versus cultivated fungi and three different botanical parts: the whole fruiting body, the pileus (cap) and the stipe (stalk).
Only Cavalier Virginia was at a loss for popular imagery, likely because the Roman images clear to planter culture all involved the wand and pileus (liberty cap) of manumission.
Even the liberty cap or pileus, so familiar from French Revolutionary art and even from early United States works, was rejected when it was remembered that it had originated as the symbol of the freeing of Roman slaves and was therefore too controversial to be used in a nation with its own burning slave question.
The effect of the interaction of various spawn grains and oil types on carpophore dry weight, stipe length and stipe and pileus diameters of lentinus squarrosulus (mont.
The fruiting bodies from different flushes (1-3) in the different experiments were collected and the pileus and stipe diameters as well as the stipe lengths measured [20,24].