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Synonyms for pileup

a wrecking of a vehicle

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multiple collisions of vehicles

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Thousands of motorists use the LEW daily and their lives are in danger as dangerous pedestrian movement on it may result into a serious accident and pileup any time.
However, there are other reports that suggest the "DWTS" tour bus accident happened on Interstate 80, as part of a 20-vehilce pileup.
In the direction towards Abu Dhabi on the road, a 10-car pileup accident was reported, while in the opposite direction a five-car pileup took place as motorists struggled to drive in the foggy conditions.
The pileups in Etna, near Bangor, happened at about 7:30 a.
Lecumberri said he had charged in to the entrance alongside the first bull, but saw the pileup and quickly dived into a ground-level hatch built into the passage specifically to provide an escape route from situations like this.
The automaker has also developed a technology capable of detecting a sudden slowdown in two vehicles ahead while running on roads including highways and provides an alert to the driver, thereby helping prevent a pileup.
A man was killed in two pileups which closed the southbound carriageway of the M6 for more than eight hours.
More sensitivity to collisions would have made the ants cringe and defer so much that they'd never get anywhere, but too little sensitivity would have created hundred-ant pileups.
Dislocation pileups are a different type of defect which, in contrast to threading defects, are significant impediments to device performance and yield.
This has been one of the worst pileups we've had on the I-10," Calhoun added.
Summary: Dust kicked up by wind reduced visibility across the UAE on Thursday morning and caused a string of pileups involving 23 vehicles on Dubai Bypass Road in which at least nine people were injured
Twenty-one people were slightly injured Thursday in three pileups involving 13 vehicles on the Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo, police and firefighters said.
Twelve years ago, dust storms colored valley skies yellow and caused chain-reaction traffic pileups involving dozens of cars on the Antelope Valley Freeway, Sierra Highway and other roads.