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Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

Synonyms for hairy

having or covered with hair


hazardous and frightening

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This is such a historic moment for us to be crowned champions in Dubai for the very first time of this competition," Maria Pilar told Gulf News.
Pilar Regatta events include a VIP welcoming party at Conch Harbor Marina, Key West, Fla.
The lively Pilar came close to adding a third as he played a neat one-two on the edge of the area before firing just wide of the left-hand post.
Onlythreeplayersattempted morepassesintheattackingthird than Pilar in the Russia match and a buy looks the pick of the spreadprices.
But Russia's momentum was halted in the 52nd minute as they were pegged back by by Pilar.
Through the stories of three generations of Cuban women, Celia, Lourdes, and Pilar, Garcia creates a dialectical movement toward an autoethnographic creation of Cuban Americanness.
Also, it is clearly a labor of love: Maria Pilar Celma, by undertaking such a complex task as getting this book done, has proven herself to be equal to Miguel Delibes in that both her ethics and aesthetics melt together right through every page of this book.
RAGUSA Maria Pilar (Mam) The only way to ease our pain, Is to know that you are with Dad again.
The emancipation of women during the Spanish Civil War provides the context for this exploration of the characters Pilar and Maria in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls.
THE MAID (Cert 15, 92 mins) RAQUEL (Catalina Saavedra) has been a maid for Pilar and her wealthy family in Santiago, Chile, for the past 20 years.
Summary: Madrid - The Hispanic-Moroccan joint committee for civil defense convened, on Friday in Madrid, under the co-chairmanship of major general, inspector of civil defense Abdelkrim El Yaagoubi and head of Spanish civil defense Pilar Gallego, a statement by Spain's Interior Ministry said.
The Brazil-themed events are being planned by John Rowlands and his Brazilian wife Pilar throughout Brazil's World Cup campaign.
If approved, part of the money would be used to reduce the Port Authority's US$800 million debt, Pilar said.
For farmers like single mum Pilar Vilorio, the scheme is the difference between her children labouring on the farm or going to school to become farm managers.
Former Winnetka residents Robert and Pilar Dowell participated in the exchange because their twin sons, now 11, and a third son, now 7, were all diagnosed with autism.