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Synonyms for pike

highly valued northern freshwater fish with lean flesh

a sharp point (as on the end of a spear)

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medieval weapon consisting of a spearhead attached to a long pole or pikestaff

any of several elongate long-snouted freshwater game and food fishes widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere

References in classic literature ?
Higginbotham; two of them, successively, lost courage and fled, each delaying the crime one night by their disappearance; the third was in the act of perpetration, when a champion, blindly obeying the call of fate, like the heroes of old romance, appeared in the person of Dominicus Pike.
In due time, the old gentleman capped the climax of his favors, by dying a Christian death, in bed, since which melancholy event Dominicus Pike has removed from Kimballton, and established a large tobacco manufactory in my native village.
Pike robbed him of half a fish one night, and gulped it down under the protection of Buck.
Anything splashing in the water will trigger lurking pike into ambush mode in the hope it's an injured fish or a shoal of small ones.
Under the terms of the transaction, Pike shareholders will receive $12.
The first pike I ever caught was in Labrador -- by mistake.
The TAA-run Killingworth Lake allows piking from October 1 and there are also piking opportunities on WACAC's QE2 Lake at Ashington and both the Bolam Lake and Talkin Tarn country parks provide day-ticket sport for pike anglers.
Eric Pike, Chairman and CEO of Pike, will be presenting at 11:05 a.
We started 'walking out' together, going to the pictures, walking in the mountains, or to Newbridge Fields in Bridgend, and then a coffee shop for a bite to eat," said Mr Pike.
The 15-year-old has caught fish to 20lb 14oz in the last year to be crowned regional Pike Angler of The Year.
Pike Chairman, John Dow said, "The Company is very focussed on the impact of this disaster on the families of our miners and on the wider community.
After eight years away from the industry, they reacquired Pike Brewery in 2006.
Year-class strength of northern pike was negatively related to spring wind speed and was curvilinearly related to spring air temperature.
The best fish I've heard of was a 25lb beauty included in a 25-fish catch to Steve Haynes, who said it was the best day's pike fishing he'd ever had.
Topics include Pike's contributions to science and the concept of Manifest Destiny, his leadership, the Great Louisiana Conspiracy, Pike's insights into Spanish military strength, Pike and American Popular Culture, and the artistic legacy of Pikes Peak.