pigs in blankets

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small frankfurters wrapped in biscuit dough and baked

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To make Christmas Day in hospital as enjoyable as it can be, our carefully designed menu includes a traditional Christmas dinner complete with turkey with pigs in blankets and roast potatoes, a gluten-free version for patients with kidney problems and a festive vegan option.
Everyone loves pigs in blankets, it would not be Christmas without them.
Customers can buy each item individually, with prices ranging from 50p for a sprout to PS1 for mince pies and PS2 for jumbo pigs in blankets.
Or customers at the shop in Hirwaun, South Wales, can buy each item individually, with prices ranging from 50p for a stuffing ball to [pounds sterling]1 for mince pies and [pounds sterling]2 for jumbo pigs in blankets.
Don't worry, you'll get your money's worth: There are 56 pigs in blankets included and dips to go along with your appetizer.
And now Daniela's youngest daughter Anna, who is aged three, will play her part by featuring in the advertising and packaging for a range of Pigs in Blankets kits which have been introduced for Christmas.
Gammon joints rose 120% by volume year-on-year, with pigs in blankets up 125%.
Emile Tissot has introduced two new meal accompaniment products--Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls and Pigs in Blankets.
Trying to recapture the school spirit, guests dined on pigs in blankets, slices of pizzas, mini-cheeseburgers, played foosball, air hockey and had H's painted on their faces.
New this Christmas from Canterbury Foods, tel:0173 222 8700, are Pigs in Blankets - prime pork cocktail sausages ready-wrapped in smoky bacon for festive catering convenience.
Menus vary by prison, with HMP Wakefield, where Bronson is a prisoner, serving vegan schnitzels, vegetarian peppered pie, sliced turkey, half roast chicken, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and carrots.
IT is one of life's eternal mysteries, and indeed a tragedy, that pigs in blankets come but once a year.
I actually love the sprouts and pigs in blankets, so would quite happily just eat them with piles of gravy and the odd few roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.
A traditional Christmas dinner for me and my family just wouldn't be complete without the classic side dish of pigs in blankets.