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edible seed of any of several nut pines especially some pinons of southwestern North America

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Pine nuts, also known as pignoli, pignolia, pinon on and Indian nuts, are creamy white in color, soft, sweet and chewy.
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Popular specially items include chestnuts, pignolia nuts and anise.
Other hot specialty items include pignolias from China, starfruit from Taiwan, horned-spiked kiwanosae from New Zealand, pearl onions from Holland, and camouflage melons and carnival squash from innovative growers in the United States.
The US market for Edible Nuts is also analyzed by the following product segments: Peanuts, and Tree Nuts (Almonds, Walnut, Hazelnut, Pecans, Macadamia, Pistachios, and Others (includes Brazil Nuts, Pignolias, Chestnuts, Cashews, and Mixed Nuts).