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Synonyms for piggishness

an excessive desire for food

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The millions who are putting on weight are doing so because of plain, old-fashioned piggishness.
While he indicts and ridicules the piggishness of the conservative leadership of the town, he does not consider them to be "the most dangerous enemies of truth and freedom.
The Italian "gola," which also means gullet, connotes piggishness.
The old phrase patrons of prostitutes used to use--"getting your ashes hauled"--said it pretty well, and if we could persuade people to think of greed, as well, that way and expel its destructiveness perhaps into a computer screen, trapping the piggishness in cyberspace might save a bit of Earth.
In the top ten, we salute the tireless cattiness of Joan Collins, the utter piggishness of, um, Miss Piggy (above) and that snippy woman from The Weakest Link.
After all, Mom's umpteenth husband Leo (Paul Malevitz) is a washed-up director, and Richard's ego and piggishness know no bounds, so what have those other guys got that he doesn't?
And everything having "a tone of physical desire," she said with increasing anger, "was called 'Jewish piggishness.