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Synonyms for piggish

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

Synonyms for piggish

resembling swine

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The wife reflected on the piggish face of the butcher in the castle town.
If he means a heterosexual male audience to pulse at the sight of her "remarkably cute little figure" (4:144) decked out fireside in a "little pink slip" (4:245), he means also to destabilize desire by positing access to the scene as one's reward for having owned up, as George ultimately does, to a history of sexual confusion masked by piggish braggadocio.
We, in the developed world, eat a piggish, high protein, high fat, highly processed diet.
Swiftly teleported to the distant planet Oa, Hal runs the usual rookie obstacle course, receiving sage advice from chicken-fish hybrid Tomar-Re (voiced by Geoffrey Rush); rough training from piggish Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan); and sneering disapproval from Sinestro (Mark Strong), the Lanterns' supercilious, red-skinned leader.
Goldman Sachs, while outrageously predicting a "super spike" that might cause oil to reach as high as $200 a barrel, blamed piggish American consumers and preached conservation as a bulwark against oil supply disruptions.
The 800-strong population of the small village Trie sur Base almost doubled as tourists flocked from the world over for an evening of screaming fun to see contestants play out their piggish performances.
In Winter's character David Twombly, there is bravado and brutishness, charm and calculation, monstrous insensitivity and near-clairvoyant intuition, a piggish, loveable seer and self-centred male who bursts off the page.
Tired jokes, a rushed climax, and Beard's own piggish character felt claustrophobic to others.
Sean's cautionary approach is perhaps wise; there are those who will think Bank Holiday weekend, seaside resort, fine weather, visitors, then confuse "beer festival" with piggish behaviour and wait for blue lights to flash.
What I saw was: the woman's eyes glancing onto me, dropping to my lower body & to the artificial limbs--taking in my crutches, & the dexterity with which I manipulated the crutches--you could see that I'd been doing this a long time & had learned to propel myself forward with a kind of defiant ease--& the woman's eves that were smallish, piggish, with scanty brown lashes--narrowed in disdain or revulsion just perceptibly & in those eyes not a glimmer of sympathy for me as for one like herself who has been afflicted with grievous bodily harm, this woman who was Mrs.
Its relations with the Baltic States continue to be piggish, there really can't be any other word.
Observe he does, with hawk-eyes, reflect he does, engagingly, penetratingly, self-protectively, honestly, and aggravatingly, as when he vividly describes obese English women, seeing in their corpulence something ugly, repulsive, and piggish.
Margaret Kane, A Piggish Political Protest in Second Life, CNET, Jan.
The more than 20 percent hike they are seeking for what is basically a paid programming and infomercial channel with occasional sporting events of interest is simply piggish.
Aldebaran = Piggish morning star, Awaker, Bull's eye