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E[currency]aban TE-rkoy-lu, who works as a truck driver, a told Cihan news agency that he noticed a pigeonhole on his vehicle about a month ago.
We wouldn't be sure how many other North East bands occupy that particular pigeonhole but this lot have drawn praise from those in the know.
Writing on their website the band said: "We're excited to be working with Doorly and the rest of the Pigeonhole team as we feel the genreless concept of the label perfectly sums up what we are all about.
For many, the pigeonhole phenomenon is frustrating.
Literal comparisons are embarrassing; it screws everything into a pigeonhole that most have to then crawl out of.
TORONTO'S Christina Zeidler is an artist who is hard to pigeonhole.
How, for example, would one pigeonhole the fine offering by historian Jennifer M.
Our challenge is that some people still pigeonhole tape purely as a backup and restore tool when, in fact, it's one of the most versatile solutions out there.
With her impassioned rasp, Canada's Kathleen Edwards fits neatly into the alt-country pigeonhole.
You can't really pigeonhole a typical Shiner Bock customer," he said.
However, Fortress is unlike most other companies that trade publicly, as it is open to unique risks and difficult to pigeonhole into a peer group.
FireboxFinally available in the UK,thisWi-Fi-connected, , widget-based gadget is hard to pigeonhole.
New York indie band that is impossible to pigeonhole but has, to its credit, a psychedelic version of The Simpsons theme and four film scores.
It's the show-off role of choice for actors, from Dawson's pal to Pee-wee Herman, trying to break out of their particular pigeonhole.
Perceptions can be very damaging and the Forum wants to get rid of the stereotypical views that can pigeonhole minority ethnic people.