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any of numerous pale-colored butterflies having three pairs of well-developed legs

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Evolution and coadaptation of thermoregulatory behavior and wing pigmentation pattern in pierid butterflies.
The dainty sulphur is a very small pierid butterfly that normally ranges from Florida and Texas, to southern California.
Modeling richness of Papilionid and Pierid butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) in Mexico on the basis of museum data, (manuscrito).
Host use by two pierid butterflies varies with host density.
Enzyme electrophoretic studies on the genetic relationships of Pierid butterflies (Lepidoptera: Pieridae).
The ecology of pierid butterflies: dynamics and interactions.
The species experiences favorable periods some years when numbers of the pierid are consistently present at the station, especially from June to August, but out of this period it can mostly be recorded by passing individuals in flight (even disregarding visits to flowers in some cases) or by ovipositing females.
Several accounts suggest that damaged plants in the Brassicaceae are more susceptible to oviposition and feeding by specialist herbivores such as diamondback mot hs, pierid butterflies, flea beetles, and cabbage root flies (Vaughn and Hoy 1993, Baur et al.
Relative densities of pierid models and acridid mimics.
Other pierid butterflies with similar life histories are readily recaptured at distances greater than 1 km (Baker 1968; Jones et al.
Coping with a capricious environment: a population study of a rare pierid butterfly.
Cotesia glomerata is a gregarious endoparasitoid of several species of pierid butterflies.
Thermoregulation, flight, and the evolution of wing pattern in Pierid butterflies: the topography of adaptive landscapes.
Female-biased dispersal in relation to availability to local larval host plants has been suggested in another pierid butterfly, Colias philodice eriphyle (Tabashnik 1981).