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Synonyms for piercingly

extremely and sharply

in a shrill voice


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Having heard more than 200 talks at three TED conferences in the past two years, I can truly say that none has stayed with me more piercingly and offered more wisdom and clarity and depth, all delivered with rare humanity and calm, than the address I was privileged to hear from BJ Miller.
Gornick] has produced a new volume in the stubbornly candid, piercingly intelligent voice that informed her literary essays and criticism for the Village Voice and other periodicals.
O'Neill took a long pause, looked out piercingly from under the rim of his spectacles, then snapped: "We lost to Scotland by a goal in the 75th minute and we drew with Poland and in the game before that we drew with Germany in Germany and they'd won the world championship three months earlier.
He must fear that, at any second now, I might break into a squealing schoolgirl frenzy over his starry (so, so starry and piercingly sexy) blue eyes, perfectly coiffed mahogany locks and 5 o'clock shadow.
It howled, it roared, the windows rattled, the snowdrifts piled up and we all felt those little jets of piercingly cold air through every crack around every window and door we hadn't sealed properly.
I'm sure Kathleen Jenkins could not hit notes as piercingly high in her finest aria.
It is enough right now to say that after a month of rain my wife's roses look piercingly bright.
Pakistan-India relations in the previous decade have piercingly been affected by the crucial disputes on water-sharing that now is being termed as conspiracy to barren Pakistan.
No longer can Outnumbered rely on the innocent yet piercingly astute probing of Karen's steel trap mind, or Ben's excursions into wild fantasy.
Judah has a talent of providing piercingly poignant Quotes from these People.
It's a portrait of a pair of eyes looking piercingly off the page - just eyes, with a hint of eyebrows and surrounded with a light wash of turquoise and purple.
Sweet Baboo, The i Stage and the Lost in the Woods Stage, Saturday Originally from North Wales but now based in Cardiff, Sweet Baboo flits from darkly funny to piercingly tender - from introverted folk to sublime horn-infused pop.
When the youngster became upset, he shrieked at the top of his lungs--so piercingly that the rest of the family covered their ears.
For the purposes of this article, I have adopted Eva Hoffman's gloss of trauma as: "suffering in excess of what the psyche can absorb, a suffering that twists the soul until it can no longer straighten itself out, and so piercingly sharp that it fragments the wholeness of the self" (Hoffman 2005: 54).
In fact, because Dostoevsky wrote so piercingly perfect a final novel of human nature, good and evil, embedded in crucial questions of theodicy, faith, meaning, and ethics, who could even surpass such a work in novel form?