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Synonyms for piercingly

extremely and sharply

in a shrill voice


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Yet amidst Edge's piercingly keen insights and characterization is always humor.
It is equally prolific across different frequency ranges, with powerful bass response and crisp, smooth treble that does not become piercingly sharp.
The robot screams piercingly and collapses into "a huddled heap of motionless metal".
Other types of conflict, like the brutality of intimacy, are anatomized just as piercingly.
Northeast Asian spot rates also dropped piercingly, which led the differential between the Pacific and Atlantic Basins to narrow to an average $1.
In 1937, George Orwell wrote piercingly in the Road To Wigan Pier about the vogue for arguing about how to make the poor eat more healthily.
Frida, like her Diego, was a force of nature, and here in this residence turned into a shrine, one understands how this haven of tranquility and with a supportive family allowed her to surmount her physical disability and metamorphose into a piercingly radiant artist.
At least four people were wounded in the attack on Le Jardin, an Afghan-owned eatery, which caused a piercingly loud explosion and left a building engulfed in flames.
In any event, the characters' deepening bond is tenderly and touchingly observed, never more so than in a piercingly beautiful nighttime scene where Arlo and Spot find a wordless way to convey a shared sense of sorrow.
Perhaps that is when the rosary is prayed most piercingly of all.
Gornick] has produced a new volume in the stubbornly candid, piercingly intelligent voice that informed her literary essays and criticism for the Village Voice and other periodicals.
He must fear that, at any second now, I might break into a squealing schoolgirl frenzy over his starry (so, so starry and piercingly sexy) blue eyes, perfectly coiffed mahogany locks and 5 o'clock shadow.
I'm sure Kathleen Jenkins could not hit notes as piercingly high in her finest aria.
If the beauty feature on our cover and (photographed by former model Elena Iv-skaya before Julia was even scouted) is anything to by, we predict that the piercingly beautiful 5ft 8in model, born in Mayotte but currently residing in La Reunion, will be a catwalk and fashion magazine staple for years to come,
Pakistan-India relations in the previous decade have piercingly been affected by the crucial disputes on water-sharing that now is being termed as conspiracy to barren Pakistan.