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Synonyms for pier

Synonyms for pier

a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles

(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)

a support for two adjacent bridge spans

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Calamity was the story of the 1,196ft pier at Withernsea, opened without ceremony on August 17, 1875, as the entrance buildings had not been completed.
The developers of Northside Piers have announced that they have secured a loan of $157 million for the development of the waterfront community's second tower, Two Northside Piers.
She said that Jacobsen's holding company Lagerrin ehf could provide economies of scale for Pier 1 regarding low-cost global sourcing.
One or two boat companies provide secondary vessels, and a causeway company provides the floating pier and RO/RODF.
She tells us, for example, of how, when a rich uncle, whose death-bed Pier Giorgio had attended, left the two children a million lire, their father, in an act obviously intended to humiliate his son, gave the money to charity.
The pier, mainly made of wood, will have a shop, coffee bar, amusement arcade and local history museum.
Expanding all of our art exhibitors into Pier 94 gives us room for 600 additional booths in DECOR Expo--New York," Smith said.
The pier itself, at 1,971 feet, is the longest concrete structure on the coast.
Last year's inaugural SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk raised more than $220,000 for South Bay education foundations and The Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization.
The 272m long pier now features its sole remaining building, carefully conserved and adapted into a restaurant plus a new visitor centre The Deck - constructed from cross laminated timber resulting in a lightweight carbon negative structure.
Penarth Pier Pavilion director David Trotman said: "I think there is a romantic element to piers and it is people going back to older times.
The Tyne Improvement Commissioners had erected a barrier on the south pier to assert that the piers were their property.
ADISUSED historic pier damaged by winter storms is to be demolished.
A project to remove Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier and its pier house will begin in December 2017.