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lodging for occasional or secondary use

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There you have it, a great recipe to recreate Parisian chic in your own home, or to design your pied-a-terre with style and panache.
WITH EVERYTHING TO DO DOWNTOWN--just chosen Sarasota's "Best Neighborhood" by our panel of real estate experts (see page 72)--many people are considering a pied-a-terre there.
In a neat inversion of the usual rural holiday home brief, the house is for a couple who usually reside in the countryside and wanted a city pied-a-terre.
The Country Living arrangement is a modern, country-in-the-city living space; House Beautiful created a sophisticated home for a single woman and her college-age daughter; O at Home designed a stylish and elegant setting tailored to do-it-yourself decorators; and Veranda designed a luxurious pied-a-terre.
Spain is still the most popular option when it comes to buying abroad, with 16% of Brits owning holiday homes having a pied-a-terre on the sunny coasts.
And more than half of those aged between 35 and 44 opt for a pied-a-terre elsewhere in the UK.
And those aged between 35 and 44 are most likely to stick with what they know with more than half opting for a pied-a-terre elsewhere in the UK.
In the meantime, would a London pied-a-terre be so bad?
For his first New York show in two years, Grinnell presented a thirty-four-piece set of these cases, collectively titled Pied-a-terre, 2001-2002-aligning himself with the creation and advertising of exquisite and pricey commodities and the desires of a consumer population.
The hotel will allow condominium owners to maintain a pied-a-terre in Miami while defraying the costs of ownership in their absence.
A Valley pied-a-terre could bring our two nations closer than they've been in years, erasing Gallic Louisiana Purchase regrets once and for all.
They wanted a Cheltenham town centre pied-a-terre as holiday getaway and for access to shops and theatres on foot.
People who would shy away from a full-scale building or remodeling project seem to feel no reluctance about tackling a backyard pied-a-terre.
NEW YORK -- The focus is shifting to The Plaza Hotel Pied-A-Terre suites.
41 Charles Street is an outstanding and enviable acquisition," said Lesser, who sold the fully renovated, five-story house to a South American buyer who'll use it as a pied-a-terre.