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He came to me, look you, saying that if I would furnish him with a gallon of ale, wherewith to strengthen himself as he worked, and also the pigments and a board, he would paint for me a noble pied merlin which I might hang along with the blazonry over my door.
And at that time he abode in the town which is called The Pied Cow.
In a delightful all-new retelling of the beloved fairy tale, Snoopy stars in IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN, premiering on VHS and DVD on September 12.
Paramount Home Entertainment is supporting the video and DVD release of IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN with a national advertising campaign, including television network buys as well as Lifetime, E
Supporting the debut of IT'S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN, Paramount Home Entertainment will offer consumers a chance to win one of 50 original cels from the making of the film through an instant win ("scratch and win") game-card available inside videocassette packages.