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work paid for according to the quantity produced

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The IPE leadership team brings more than 70 years of combined experience in incentive payroll solutions to simplify deployment, use, and maintenance of shop floor and piecework payroll activities.
To pay a piecework rate it must be equivalent to the federal minimum wage," said Deanne Amaden, regional director of public affairs for the U.
Our magnets are individually sewn in; everything is done in piecework here," Marsha said.
sails among the never-finished piecework, his voice winding in
centred on art, andwe are please that the Martin Creed pieceWork No 837, to be shown at Tate Liverpool in 2012, is already contributing to this debate.
Most of us were on piecework and, as long as the work stayed up to standard and the orders were completed on time, there were no problems.
The quarrymen were paid piecework - their earnings related to how much they produced.
The exhibition area has been expanded to 75,000sqm, and will be divided into several pavilions such as, the foundry, surface, primary, welding and joining, solar, piecework coating and magnesium.
The exhibition area has been enlarged to 75,000 sqm, and will be divided into several pavilions such as, the foundry, surface, primary, welding & joining, solar, piecework coating and magnesium.
Working on piecework rates (US$ 3 per tonne of cane), a Colombian cane cutter can now earn three to four times the average national wage.
Since piecework regime requires minimal supervision, it suits younger Patels and added a new dimension to their social distinction of getting wwork done from a distance.
Since the late 1960s, the geometric piecework quilts made by the Amish have been much sought after by art collectors and art museums.
Urologists are working harder to make ends meet and, therefore, in our piecework payment system we are either actively discouraging competition or are sucking out the lifeblood of any new urologist trying to set up a practice in our area.
Self-employed workers are usually paid on a piecework basis.
AoEconomizing sometimes took the form of piecework, until in 1998 Caltrans decided to develop a more substantive strategy for fixing its deteriorated freeways.