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Blindsided is a superb piece of writing and the dialogue has enough riches to make it an excellent radio play - but then we would miss those hugely entertaining performances by Sheridan and West.
Participants should include their name and full postal address with each piece of writing.
This is a really, really atmospheric piece of writing.
Andrew Cowen's article would have been better served by being printed in The Birmingham Post's Culture section as part of a review for his latest stand-up comedy routine, for surely that was what this piece of writing was?
Yet each piece of writing, from 1952 to 2004, was written by a brilliant and clear mind on a journey of self-evaluation and introspection; they are examples of one man's extraordinary wisdom and generosity.
Maybe some people think that grammar, punctuation, and writing style aren't important, but I think careful editing adds professionalism and credibility to any piece of writing.
But the larger, painfully obvious objection to this argument is a structural one: Reasoning backward under the impression that the destructive results of this or that piece of writing invalidates its purchase on our serious attention could make "E=mc squared" the most taboo phrase in the language.
Coverage of bears and bear culture in the gay press is just too rare for it to be wasted on such a terrible piece of writing as your review of the movie Bear Cub ["The Diva, the Nurse, & the Bears," November 9].
It is hard-cutting but just what we need at the moment instead of glossing over major gaffes in tactics and selection which is all too apparent and brought to the fore perfectly in this piece of writing.
38 was a fine piece of writing about a legendary World War II pistol.
A 'text' is a piece of writing that has been established as such for reasons that are themselves material, historical, and ideological.
In my teaching experience, among the first questions a student asks when assigned a piece of writing is, "How long does it have to be?
Preparing a coherent piece of writing involved several different abilities, and many schools focus on other fundamentals in the early grades.
Lisa Liebmann's essay in that issue is a beautiful piece of writing.