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Receiving this award from the RSL has given me huge encouragement to be bold and daring in this new piece of writing.
Blindsided is a superb piece of writing and the dialogue has enough riches to make it an excellent radio play - but then we would miss those hugely entertaining performances by Sheridan and West.
He said of Flying Blind: "It was a brilliant play, a sensational piece of writing.
If you are like me, a writing task just might be the subject of your dreams during the night and you wake up early with a burst of creativity and suddenly there is a piece of writing that pops and is ready to be shared
Intriguing and thought provoking, "Hidden Truths" is a strong piece of writing, sure to make readers think twice about what is normal.
1 : a piece of writing other than fiction or poetry that forms a separate part of a publication (as a magazine or newspaper)
Youngsters need to submit a piece of writing by October 31 and the most promising writers will then be selected to attend the course.
A fantastical blend of fantasy and romance, "Shadows of Forgotten Love" is a solid piece of writing, highly recommended.
SIR - What an excellent piece of writing from Sophie Brown on Emo music (Western Mail, May 22).
This is a really, really atmospheric piece of writing.
Andrew Cowen's article would have been better served by being printed in The Birmingham Post's Culture section as part of a review for his latest stand-up comedy routine, for surely that was what this piece of writing was?
Yet each piece of writing, from 1952 to 2004, was written by a brilliant and clear mind on a journey of self-evaluation and introspection; they are examples of one man's extraordinary wisdom and generosity.
Coverage of bears and bear culture in the gay press is just too rare for it to be wasted on such a terrible piece of writing as your review of the movie Bear Cub ["The Diva, the Nurse, & the Bears," November 9].
It is hard-cutting but just what we need at the moment instead of glossing over major gaffes in tactics and selection which is all too apparent and brought to the fore perfectly in this piece of writing.