piece of work

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Voyt had gone back on Thursday, and he now, to settle on the spot the question of a piece of work begun at his place, had rushed down for a few hours in anticipation of the usual collective move for the week's end.
Wife, wife,' said Frederick, 'what a pretty piece of work you have made
Yet what a piece of work a man makes of his first "pop.
It gives us some idea of the large courage of Raleigh's mind when we remember that he was over fifty when he began this tremendous piece of work for the sake of a boy he loved.
Then it was a serious piece of work to write to Dickon.
Just like real puzzles, putting a meaningful piece of work together with the required elements requires time and effort and, in most cases, extra time and effort.
It was a decent piece of work and he went a hell of a lot better than on Wednesday.
complex piece of work Constantine is director of ENO Opera Works, English National Opera's training course for young opera singers and certainly drew the best out of the singers in this production.
If as he admits, Mujahid has not actually been inside the building, let alone heard or seen a piece of work therein, he would do well to do so as the sound is first-class and the interior clean and relaxing.
vvSir Maximilian Ed Dunlop Fresh from his win with Snow Fairy, Dunlop moved his troops across town to Cambridge Road on Tuesday morning and this Sir Robert Ogden-owned individual caught the eye in a good piece of work.
He will do a good piece of work next Saturday with Big Buck's, who he has worked with recently, and then we will know exactly where we are.
As far as I know that was his last serious piece of work before Epsom.
Duffield, who has dominated the only Purebred Arabian race on Dubai World Cup night, winning it four times for one of the leading owners of Arabian horses, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, said: "No Risk Al Maury will have his final piece of work on the track u a surface which he likes very much u on Sunday.
This is a fantastic piece of work to be involved in and I think audiences are in for a real treat.
The new piece of work is to provide a strong evidence base for the preparation of a joint Core Strategy following the agreement of the four local authorities to work together on a plan for the whole of the Black Country.