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2 : a decorative piece of material used under dishes or vases
Each pulse chips a small piece of material from the workpiece.
And don't forget to invest in anti-slip backing or a separate piece of material to place under the runner to stop the dogs from sliding around.
The couplings are machined from a solid piece of material.
Stuart Baldwin, 24, killed himself by placing a piece of material soaked in the chemical under his nose after becoming depressed at work.
We looked for the perfect piece of material to put a final chapter on theater in Las Vegas," Wynn said at a recent press conference.
These springs are curved beams machined from a single piece of material into the special configuration desired.
When I was a teenager shopping on a Saturday meant I would look around the shops, pick up ideas, buy a piece of material from El Kilo for pounds 1 and then go home and make up my own outfit for the evening.
Give me a piece of material and I'm happy," says Tracey,
Graham Hutt sent me three or four CDs and I've been through every piece of material on several occasions.
He added: "As I went into the toilet I saw the shadow of something and a piece of material was snagged on the point where the latch of the window closes on to.
The device relies on precision computer control and an extremely intense and focused jet of water and sand to make precision cuts of any material from glass to granite to steel over a piece of material as large as 40 inches by 40 inches.
Next, take another piece of material and measure it from the waistband at one side of the jeans to the other and to the depth of the bottom, so that you're cutting a rectangular shape.
Libraries with collections of old recordings "don't want to queue up an antique piece of material every time you want to hear it," notes particle physicist Carl H.
I think that nano-technology is going to take over and you're going to be able to obtain gazillions of bits of data stored on a piece of material that you can access electronically and you won't have to rotate it.