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Maybe someone should point out that there is a prime piece of land next to the university that is only used on Sundays; will the university be taking over that next?
THE CBI has begun a probe into an alleged land scam involving defence officials for illegally transferring a prime piece of land belonging to the army to a trust managed by the Jodhpur royal family.
With the school clearly not making much of an effort to improve the current situation, parents have been using a vacant piece of land opposite one side of the school.
With the bridge, it will be easier and faster to get to Sherman, an important point that investors take into account when buying a piece of land to develop," said Orillac.
20 -- (BNA) Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister of the sisterly State of Kuwait, HE Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, said that allocation of a piece of land for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Kuwait for training site comes as part of Istanbul Initiative.
Ramallah: The Bethlehem Court of First Instance sentenced on Tuesday two Palestinians from the village of Hussan to 10 years imprisonment each with hard labour on charges of attempting to sell a large piece of land to an Israeli buyer hoping to expand a nearby colony.
He first bought a piece of land, then needed brick, cement, sand, iron and steel for the walls and the pillars, wood for the doors and windows and finally paint which added to the beauty of the house.
The inhabitants, who live a bad quality of life, submitted a proposal to the KRG in order to provide them with a piece of land to build anew house elsewhere in the province.
The chamber and some of the city's business leaders approached the municipality to approved the piece of land donated by businessman Yousuf Al-Ahmadi," said Al-Qurashi.
According to the report, OYAK, which paid TL 3,000 per square meter for land it purchased in 1987, demanded TL 505,000 per square meter for the same piece of land in 1992.
He expressed these views Sunday while inspecting horticulture work carried out by PHA on a government piece of land retrieved from qabza group adjacent to Kalma Chowk.
JERUSALEM, November 16, 2011 (WAFA) -- The Israeli municipality of JerusalemThursday seized a piece of land belonging to a Palestinian Orthodox Monastery in the neighborhood of Al-Thawri, west of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, according to a press release by the committee for the defense of Silwan.
When we take land off them we will give them a piece of land back.
The row broke out over a piece of land and inheritance among members of the Hatoum family.
Last month Miller Homes chief executive Tim Hough visited the region to unveil another new development, Greenvale Park in Newcastle - the first piece of land Miller Homes acquired nationally since the turn of 2010.