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Makonza society chairman Shadrack Muli and his Konza South counterpart Harrison Ngui said locals had not benefited from research conducted on that piece of land.
Keeping the legal and technical aspects of the case aside, the Punjab government's demand for a piece of land from the university management is unjustified as it could easily allot land for the same anywhere across the city.
The other claimant to the disputed piece of land is a bottling company in Andhra Pradesh.
A group of caravans were also on the same piece of land last week - but nearer to Cannon Park Road - after again reportedly removing bollards and railings to gain access.
JHANG -- Assistant Director Land Record Centre Rana Nadeem has got a case registered against three persons over fraud in transfer deed of a piece of land.
BHAKKAR -- The district administration has specified a piece of land for construction of the Thal Arts Council (TAC) and work on it will start in the next three months.
Still, a trapezium-shaped piece of land is better than one that is shaped as a triangle as this symbolizes the element of Fire-not advisable as the base on which your house is built.
BUNER -- The Islahi Committee of Koga village comprising seventeen members headed by president Sarbiland Khan in a meeting on Tuesday expressed concern over occupation of their 1200 kanal fertile agriculture land for Afghan Muhajir Camp some 37 years ago without proper payment of compensation to them and demanded of the deputy commissioner Buner and chief minister KP for handing over them this piece of land when the Afghan refugees were shifting to own native country.
Under the scheme, a customer wishing to purchase a piece of land just needs to submit the required application with a commitment to purchase the land.
Madbouly added that one family does not have the right to apply for more than one piece of land in the announced cities, and a maximum of four persons have the right to own one piece of land.
When he came back home and wanted to reclaim the sold piece of land from the buyer, he discovered that his wife had already spent a considerable part of the price of the sold land.
The Junction@Kwathema development will finally involve setting facilities on a nine hectare piece of land, with development of the first phase to involve developing of 16,000mA piece of land.
In addition, one of the five pieces of land he was shown was close to the coast in Polis, but the piece of land in Polis he actually bought, is nowhere near the sea.
A piece of land in Bushehr and two pieces of land in Qatar; one in Al-Ruwais port and another in Doha city, have been allocated for trade transactions between the two countries," Torkan said on Saturday.
On Monday, a dispute over the ownership over a piece of land sparked an armed clash between the two tribes, leaving five houses burnt.