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After the business had been fully opened by the chairman, who pointed out the advantages of purchasing by subscription a piece of ground large enough to be ultimately used as a general cemetery, Mr.
On one side of it was the terrible piece of ground in dispute, where Mr.
The sun was shining slantwise over the field, and showed all the moist, dark soil just like any other newly-planted piece of ground.
But then, I remembered another piece of ground that had appeared to be as good as this.
ONCE again, your letter writer Dr James J Marsden (Feedback, August 28) like many others, is referring to the wrong piece of ground.
It is a fungus disease so try to grow them in a different piece of ground.
155 piece of ground tanks with approximately 200 installation equipment,
Picnics with ghosts can be spooky affairs, In popular parks, you'll attract worried stares As people watch phantoms hovering around While you spread a blanket on a flat piece of ground.
Find an interesting piece of ground, home to two or more kinds of plants.
For example, every tiny additional piece of ground that is concreted over adds to the weight of the flooding issue.
European Tour Chief Referee John Paramor had to say, "Rory's ball came to rest in a marked gallery crosswalk to the left of the second fairway from which relief is available under the rules, as if it's a piece of ground under repair.
After an hour Kathy suggested we find a more level piece of ground and use her lightweight four-person shelter for the second hour of waiting.
It is claimed she was dragged to a piece of ground near a bandstand and raped.
LIFT and divide congested clumps of autumn-flowering bulbs and replant in a well-prepared piece of ground, discarding any bulbs which appear damaged or diseased.
It's a stunning piece of ground with a gorgeous home and an ideal place to raise and ride horses," said Jim Woltz, president of the auction company.