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The body of a newborn was found wrapped in a piece of cloth and dumped in the landfill.
The police said the body was found wrapped in a piece of cloth.
After delivering the baby by herself in the bathroom she cut the umbilical cord and then strangled him with a piece of cloth.
The 60-year-old who has been creating stunning portraits and landscapes out of hay for 40 years, said each creation take hours - sometimes days - as straws are chosen and then glued one by one to a black backdrop - often a piece of cloth.
AND Daybreak's Brian McFadden on the Muppets Most Wanted premiere: "It's amazing that a piece of cloth with someone's hand made me starstruck.
While taking pictures in the shrine, we noticed a piece of cloth and one of our friends asked about why some people were throwing it.
The fire was found to have resulted from a piece of cloth that was drenched in oil and thrown into the reservoir.
The Pakistani, 30, reportedly snuck up behind the victim and gagged her with a piece of cloth while he attacked her at a private school in Hidd.
The victims' hands and legs were tied with a piece of cloth.
The city had previously passed a law requiring a piece of cloth between a nude resident and a public seating place.
Barry Walmsley had a piece of cloth woven with hair from Britain's best-loved racehorse.
Yet a piece of cloth obscuring a woman's face (is this not illegal yet?
She had a piece of cloth wrapped tightly around her neck.
The culprits left him in the jungle as he was tied with the rope and a piece of cloth was put in his mouth.
Hasan said he would target vehicles with windows left open, light a piece of cloth on fire and throw it inside, the statement said, adding that he confessed to carrying out the crimes while intoxicated and gave no motive.