piece of cake

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Piece of Cake bakes fresh, homemade layer cakes, pound cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more using only the finest ingredients and serves them in a warm, welcoming environment.
Makes the lot of a Glasgow cop on Old Firm duty seem like a piece of cake.
Secondly, there are no challenges, only actions and it's just a piece of cake.
If you want to decide which football team takes the ball first or who gets the larger piece of cake, the fairest thing is to toss a coin, right?
A Piece Of Cake will run only if underfoot conditions are deemed soft enough.
Delivering 500 is a piece of cake from the web site, a lot simpler than on paper.
If the Ohio Soybean Council and USB can build a house using soy-based products, this gingerbread idea in the soy house kitchen should be a piece of cake.
SQL Navigator is a piece of cake to install and users can literally begin to be productive within a couple of hours.
Turning around a distressed property is not an easy task in general, and it certainly isn't a piece of cake when you have to work with affordable housing projects.
Western Symphony, Balanchine's broad send-up of Americana set to Hershy Kay's score, was a piece of cake for this company.
It might seem like a piece of cake now that it's done, but back then, without a blueprint, without a set of instructions, without a committee, could you have created a firmament?
My term as your president has been a piece of cake.
Others may reward themselves for eating a "lite" frozen dinner by indulging in a piece of cake for dessert.
With a tiny toy baby baked inside, the person whose piece of cake contains the baby provides the King Cake for the next party.