piece of cake

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With Piece of Cake PR Reviews and feedback as positive as ever, the company is thrilled to have worked with over two thousand authors in 2013 alone.
Meanwhile, her daughter Sara, 28, runs the first A Piece of Cake branch in Riffa.
Claire Marshall, from the ECHO events department, was the lucky buyer that found a chocolate silver coin inside her piece of cake.
The eye-catching animal cakes featured on the cover and back of PARTY ANIMAL CAKES may look difficult to make, but with Lindy Smith's step-by-step, color photo enhanced directions in hand, it's a piece of cake to produce them.
To many Chinese students, learning the words such as "make" and "do" seems a piece of cake, yet learning how to use them appropriately is anther case.
Back when we lived in different cities, I sent her a piece of cake via FedEx just so we could discuss its merits.
A typical piece of cake is one third the slice of an American slice.
99) doesn't make life seem like a piece of cake, it refuses to offer a nice, neat plan to help you put the pieces back into place.
Makes the lot of a Glasgow cop on Old Firm duty seem like a piece of cake.
Secondly, there are no challenges, only actions and it's just a piece of cake.
If you want to decide which football team takes the ball first or who gets the larger piece of cake, the fairest thing is to toss a coin, right?
A Piece Of Cake will run only if underfoot conditions are deemed soft enough.
Delivering 500 is a piece of cake from the web site, a lot simpler than on paper.
If the Ohio Soybean Council and USB can build a house using soy-based products, this gingerbread idea in the soy house kitchen should be a piece of cake.
SQL Navigator is a piece of cake to install and users can literally begin to be productive within a couple of hours.