piece de resistance

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Synonyms for piece de resistance

Synonyms for piece de resistance

the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

the most important dish of a meal

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This is all the more impressive if one considers the scope and ambition of the martial--art sequences, which are the film's piece de resistance.
01 seconds, but its piece de resistance is the 1-second boot-up time.
We simply need to listen to the aspirations of the IMS and, consequently, understand that many IMSs view English language training, not follow-on training, as the piece de resistance.
Haze, 2003, the piece de resistance of Donovan's current show, contains nearly two million drinking straws, stacked pointing outward against a wall in such a way as to create a surface of subtle swells and hollows.
The latter's duet with Carmen is the piece de resistance of what is a stunning spectacle throughout.
Its piece de resistance is the pneumatic platform that can raise a grand piano out of sight, flush into the ceiling.
Our final stock of the day is the piece de resistance, as we get a chance to look at a stock ahead of its earnings report.
The piece de resistance is a topping of pickled onion rings.
Monsters, Inc, released in 2001, may not have been Pixar's piece de resistance but it earned decent reviews and took half-a-billion bucks.
She uses her fingers provocatively to mix food and eat, but her piece de resistance was putting on sexy secretary specs to read which she probably didn't even need.
His piece de resistance is the sweet graveyard dishes he serves for dessert.
But their piece de resistance has to be the Shoe Wheel that holds 30 pairs of shoes in a 74cm x 73cm space.
Team-mates rate his Owais Shah as his piece de resistance.
The piece de resistance was a spectacular birthday cake displaying a rendering of the building's sleek design presented to Mr.
And, last but not least, the piece de resistance of all this activity will be a new album, currently in production.