piece de resistance

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Synonyms for piece de resistance

Synonyms for piece de resistance

the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection

the most important dish of a meal

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This is all the more impressive if one considers the scope and ambition of the martial--art sequences, which are the film's piece de resistance.
01 seconds, but its piece de resistance is the 1-second boot-up time.
We simply need to listen to the aspirations of the IMS and, consequently, understand that many IMSs view English language training, not follow-on training, as the piece de resistance.
Haze, 2003, the piece de resistance of Donovan's current show, contains nearly two million drinking straws, stacked pointing outward against a wall in such a way as to create a surface of subtle swells and hollows.
Its piece de resistance is the pneumatic platform that can raise a grand piano out of sight, flush into the ceiling.
The shots from the overhead wire camera added a totally new dimension, while the piece de resistance was the view from the jockey camera carried by Richard Hughes aboard Harmonic Way, the winner of the Wokingham.
But the piece de resistance is the dress, expected to upend (you'll forgive the allusion) the record set by the gown worn by Princess Diana to a White House function in 1985 and sold at auction for $222,500 in 1997.
MILAN, Italy-For consumers with an appreciation for art and organization, the hanging mobiles introduced at last month's 38th-annual Milan furniture fair may be the piece de resistance.
The next negotiating round's piece de resistance will be agriculture.
This impressive home can also boast a fabulous sun terrace and the piece de resistance a stunning indoor swimming pool.
The piece de resistance was a pair of contact lenses giving the illusion of whitened pupils.
Two minutes after the break came the piece de resistance, a supreme guided half-volley from a Ryan Babel cross.
However, the piece de resistance is undoubtedly the installation of exclusive Pietranera Italian salon furniture including styling chairs and luxury back wash stations all imported from Italy, which was the inspiration for the Italian salon name Capelli.
released in 2001, may not have been Pixar's piece de resistance but it earned decent reviews and took half a billion bucks.