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Since then I've found out that the last and only documented piebald tarpon was in the 1930s.
Although I've encountered a handful of brown and white piebald deer, I'd never before glimpsed an all-white buck or doe standing there in front of me.
Ring 2, 430gns to A John, Meinciau for a five-year-old mare sold to Eynon, Abergavenny; 350gns to K Floyd, Llansadwrn for a TB mare sold to Hughes, Cilmeri; 310gns to E Fitzhugh, Dyffryn Ardudwy for a Shetland filly sold to Jones, Capel Iwan; 300gns to I Dark, Crofty for a heavy stallion sold to Hill, Swansea; 280gns to B Evans, Llanon for a piebald stallion sold to Eynon, Abergavenny; Others to 270gns.
Product was delivered via the Piebald and Skewbald horses pulling covered wagons.
A Paso fino B Pinto C Piebald D Palomino QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: Who in 2010 was the first British golfer to become world No 1 since Nick Faldo?
Occasionally, someone takes a stunning piebald deer with varying degrees of white.
And if I had retired, the next birthday present would have been a piebald pony to pull the gypsy caravan that my husband, Neil, bought me.
Nine casts of handguns are affixed to the canvas, painted a strange piebald mix of the two colors, each pointed in a different direction, as though striving to defend from attack from every angle.
Welsh Part-breds topped at PS3,000 for the ridden five-year-old piebald mare Blaenmorlais My Lady.
There is even a speckled or ticking pattern-called Dalmatian spotting- along with piebald spots.
All three buildings, palace, church and barracks are constructed by alternating bands of basalt and brick in a manner called piebald, there are also some limestone around windows.
He knew I had been hunting the piebald for two years and wanted me to have the opportunity to take the buck.
Lazarescu, dying painfully from liver failure, spends his final hours being ignored by (and himself ignoring) a piebald pageant of his fellow citizens as be is shunted among understaffed and overregulated emergency rooms.
For instance, the western section of the building has an inconsistent grid of ceiling-height piebald egg-like shapes that are sometimes structural, sometimes enclose service runs and sometimes fill with light or simply hang suspended from the ceiling.
This was before more wars, a divorce, layoffs, night sweats, before the piebald scalp and reed-thin thighs, before you had to hire a hand to mow your lawn.