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pastry used to hold pie fillings


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Using two refrigerated pie crusts, you can have steaming, sugary homemade cookies that will delight kids and grown-ups alike.
Pour into the pie crust and chill in fridge for several hours or overnight.
I am disgusted with the snub and indifference shown by pie crust promises made by Gordon Brown and his henchmen of straw.
unsulphured molasses (optional) 1 pie crust (8" or 9") 1/2 cup tapioca 1 1/2 cup dates, pitted and chopped 1 1/3 cup apple juice 1 1/2 to 2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin Soak tapioca and dates in juice overnight.
quick-cooking tapioca (see Notes) 1 disk (1/2 recipe) best basic pie crust dough (see recipe, page 101)
Our paper-based susceptor bowl can be used in the microwave and reduces preparation time by 85%--taking the pie crust from frozen to flaky in just five minutes.
After all, it's only after the promise and pie crust are broken that what's lurking beneath is revealed.
The quickest pie crust ever is just at your fingertips
Every time she comes in the kitchen when I am mixing the batter for my famous cherry chocolate-chunk cookies or rolling out the pie crust I made from scratch (lightly sprinkled with cinnamon), she might casually mention that, despite the 1963 Equal Pay Act, women still earn only 75.
Cold Stone Creamery reports that, just in time for the holiday season, its locations across the country will offer Pumpkin Ice Cream in three varieties: two flavors Harvest Crunch (pumpkin ice cream with crunchy Heath Bar, caramel, and walnuts) and Pumpkin Pie in the Sky (pumpkin ice cream, graham cracker pie crust, caramel and whipped topping), as well as Cold Stone Creamery Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies, made with pumpkin ice cream and pieces of crumbled graham cracker pie crust within a graham cracker pie crust shell with a whipped topping.
Through activities in this book, such as growing sugar crystals, creating a model of Earth's crust with Jell-o and pie crust, and observing how the layers of a Snickers bar resemble the layers in a piece of shale, children learn the principles of earth science.
Similar to a Scotch pie, the haggis, neaps and tattie filling is contained within a traditional scotch pie crust.
He watched Mom mix the dough and make a ball of pie crust.
Is It Worth It to Make Pie Crust, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pancakes, Hummus or Chicken Broth from Scratch?
Pioneer women baked pies for their hungry homesteading families; homemakers at the turn of the 20th century were judged on the quality of their pie crust.