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a circular chart divided into triangular areas proportional to the percentages of the whole

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On the Insert tab, select Chart, Pie, Bar of Pie Chart.
A pie chart is most accurate when all available data or possible outcomes are included.
Give the pie chart a title ("How Often Internet Users Watch Online Video Clips").
Panel A of Exhibit 2 is a pie chart representative of many of the 64 "rotated" pie charts observed in the authors' survey, of which many were also "exploded" as well, as in Panel A.
For example, if a father is asked to fill in a pie chart illustrating how important each of four social roles (e.
Lin was told at his marketing meeting that he needed 10 percent of Asian-Americans to go to his movie in order for the pie chart to be redrawn and include them.
Finding: Pie chart shows the results of only those respondents who said that their call handling experience either "met" or "exceeded" their expectations.
Using those data, we created a pie chart to illustrate the revenue contributions (exhibit 1, page 58).
The Wizard helps identify "troublemakers" among the machines in your plant by displaying a pie chart for each press showing the relative amounts of uptime, downtime, repair time, and idle time.
Number of Categories: If more than four or five categories are used for a simple comparison, a bar chart should be used rather than a pie chart.
Through a referral 34% Mutual friends 17% A public gathering (church, civil club, etc,) 5% A cold call 1% Other 40% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Wasatch Front '05 15264 $2,994,537,891 '06 13598 $2,911,005,335 '07 9522 $2,336,168,599 '08 3809 $915,020,777 '09 4291 $907,608,571 '10 4468 $1,005,634,653 '11 YTD 4301 $1,019,799,505 Note: Table made from pie chart.
The same 52% Less 38% More 10% Note: Table made from pie chart.
THE IMPACT OF HEALTHCARE REFORM ON THE RETIREMENT SYSTEM WILL BE TO: 2011 2010 Alleviate pressures 12% 11% Increase pressures 68% 71% Have no impact 20% 18% Note: Table made from pie chart.
847 Department stores 17% 18% Mass merchants and clubs 33% 32% Supermarkets/drugstores 13% 14% Specialty stores 23% 21% Other 14% 15% Note: Table made from pie chart BAKEWARE (metal only) Channels of Distribution Retail Sales 2006 % CHANGE 2005 ($ millions) $536.