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an artificial language used for trade between speakers of different languages

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There are signs of linguistic threat from Nigerian pidgin English because it is seriously encroaching on the intergenerational transmission of Etsako language.
Earlier in the day Charles endeared himself to the nation when he spoke in Pidgin English, describing himself as the Queen's pikinini in a speech to thousands at a cultural welcoming ceremony for the royal couple.
Known as the Queen's "pikinini" in the Pidgin English spoken in the Pacific nation, the heir looked relaxed.
Easy - George simply types in a sentence or question, before running it through Google Translate, allowing Claudio to read it in pidgin Spanish.
Like calling each other 'daddy', and affectionately texting in pidgin French as if they were in the cast of 'Allo 'Allo.
The meeting was convivial in my pidgin French, but remarkable was the expression on the two faces who certainly approved of the wine.
I look forward in the next few years to reading what the most perceptive and learned have written about this, but meanwhile I'll offer some conjectures: Music appears to be like a pidgin language that has been created mainly by adults in the same way they acquire a foreign language--with difficulty and with a biological cap on fluency.
Bea Freeman, of Pidgin Productions which is making the documentary with Spaine Music Co, said: "The Timepiece club was one of the main venues that had a major impact on black music and black youth in Liverpool.
Can Akua Djanie ("The case for Pidgin English", NA, Oct) not see beyond the borders of her adopted country?
From Old English runes and the first book ever published in English, to Victorian execution broadsides, Nigerian market literature and a pidgin 'kuk buk' from Papua-New Guinea, the British Library's collections are a unique record of the diversity of the English language.
feeling that makes what can be spoken sound like pidgin,
Hailans to Ailans, means Highlands to Lowlands in native Pidgin.
Like my father, she had little interest in learning except for the few pidgin phrases they needed to run their "Chinese hand laundry" in New York.
Tutuola's language is not Pidgin English because it does not display any of the characteristics commonly found in it.
Salisbury, who grew up in Hawaii, makes the culture come alive, including the pidgin English, and the male comradeship, with insults masking affection, as Tomi learns the value of friendship and of fighting for what you love.