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an artificial language used for trade between speakers of different languages

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BBC Pidgin is to provide a mix of local, regional and international news, current affairs and analysis.
There are signs of linguistic threat from Nigerian pidgin English because it is seriously encroaching on the intergenerational transmission of Etsako language.
Un pidgin es una lengua que surge en una situacion de contacto en el que participan varios grupos linguisticos.
Pidgin Italian it may have been, but it was impressive and well appreciated by the locals.
McClaren (right) is still trying to live down two humiliating episodes in history - brollygate and that interview he gave in pidgin Dutch.
Thralldom and words fascinate her, especially when combined: "Those slaps -- they're communication: simple syntax in the pidgin of dominance and submission.
Se trata de argot, pidgin o de la formacion de una lengua criolla?
Earlier in the day Charles endeared himself to the nation when he spoke in Pidgin English, describing himself as the Queen's pikinini in a speech to thousands at a cultural welcoming ceremony for the royal couple.
Known as the Queen's "pikinini" in the Pidgin English spoken in the Pacific nation, the heir looked relaxed.
These brief excerpts provide a glimpse into a unique contact variety that incorporates jibaro, Hawaiian, and Pidgin English features.
Temitayo Amao, in the fourth article examines the place of Nigerian Pidgin among a section of Nigerian undergraduates with a view to drawing some generalizable conclusions regarding the use of pidgin among Nigerian university students.
Like calling each other 'daddy', and affectionately texting in pidgin French as if they were in the cast of 'Allo 'Allo.
Christina Higgins describes the efforts of Da Pidgin Coup, an advocacy group for Hawai'i Creole, locally known as Pidgin.
The president persuaded me to try in pidgin Italian.