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a large window with a single pane (usually overlooking a view)

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The front-facing guest bedroom has an apex picture window with partial remote control blinds and has an en-suite bathroom with walk-in double shower with waterfall and handheld shower heads.
The picture window gives splendid views of the garden.
The Levittown ranch house, for instance, was partly based on Frank Lloyd Wright's design concepts: adopting an open interior, opening the front door into the kitchen, placing the fireplace in the center of the home, and putting the living room in the back of the house, with a picture window looking into the backyard.
For Wohl, Italian Renaissance painting was not "a picture window into space.
The software program we use to combine negatives is Picture Window, developed by Digital Light & Color in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The facade of the house was almost entirely glazed: a picture window dominated one side, sliding glass doors the other, and, above, vertical plates of glass rose all the way up into the tall peak.
The unfenced front lawn and the unmullioned picture window were twin flags of allegiance to the suburban codes of like-mindedness and nuclear normalcy," writes author Michael Pollan proudly.
My vision was a cabin in the whispering pines, a brook trout stream out back, a field of penstemon and larkspur for the dogs, and a snowy peak to fill the picture window.
A mahogany part glazed door leads to the dining room which also has polished pine flooring and a picture window overlooking the garden.
Naughty Norton" is the latest in the Pony Tales Series from Picture Window for young (level 2) readers.
Sit back and relax on a four hour journey as the English countryside glides past your picture window.
From the hall, a staircase leads to the half landing, where a door and floor to ceiling picture window lead outside to wide decked steps down to the rear terrace and garden.
The Series 6200 slider rounds out the Crystal 6000 product line and is a perfect complement to the Crystal Series 6100 picture window and the Series 6000 and 6000A double-hung windows.
They also knocked out part of one wall and installed a large picture window so there will be cross-circulation when it and the window on the opposite wall are open.
Outside the picture window, night has fallen over a landscape bisected by a highway that curves away invitingly.