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Albin Moschner, president and chief executive, said the company is investing more than $100 million in a new plant that will produce 32-and 35-inch picture tubes.
An energy saving and crowd pleasing option is the purchase of a flat-panel Plasma HDTV to replace a hulking 36-inch color TV picture tube set that was state-of-the-art technology only a decade ago.
has reported plans to expand production of color TV picture tubes, install new automated production processes and start up a new production line for projection TV picture tubes.
Also in 2003, Thomson acquired the color picture tube production assets of Fortune in China, doubling its production capacity and making Thomson the second largest manufacturer of large-screen picture tubes in the country.
Thomson (Paris: 18453) (NYSE:TMS) announces it has completed its acquisition of Fortune's color picture tube (CPT) assets.
Compounding the issue, picture tube production has moved away from the group's historical home markets in North America and Europe to Asia.
In the United States, the sale includes excess and currently unused television picture tube process, glass forming and finishing lines.
Thomson has had a long-term presence in Poland since first acquiring controlling interest in the Piasceczno color television picture tube facility in May 1991.
30, 2012 (CENS) -- The China-based TCL Group, one of the leading Chinese brand vendors of TVs and household appliances, may acquire a majority stake in Taiwan's Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.
The Malaysian company, established in 1990, is manufacturing picture tubes for 21- to 32-inch TVs for Japanese and North American markets.
plans to stop manufacturing picture tubes for computer monitors in the United States and will lay off 500 workers.
The picture tubes in televisions and computer monitors employ lead-impregnated glass.
PVI), the leading supplier of e-paper displays globally, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd.
LAS VEGAS--The North American Tube Division of Thomson Consumer Electronics presented three new picture tubes and several product improvements in tube technology during a press briefing at Winter CES here.
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