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We have been disadvantaged in this growing market environment because we have to buy our 32-inch and 35-inch picture tubes from competitors.
Consumers choosing flat-panel Plasma HDTV displays today are bringing home the most energy efficient Plasma televisions ever created, a move that is especially smart if the Plasma set is replacing an old-style 36-inch picture tube television that consumes significantly more power than the most popular flat-panel displays.
Thomson's other picture tube factories are located in Marion, Indiana, and Scranton, Pennsylvania in the U.
Following extensive summer 1999 modifications at the Marion plant, Thomson will start production of the industry's largest 16x9 direct-view HDTV picture tube -- a 38-inch (diagonal) product that will be available for Thomson's HDTV models in late 1999.
plant, where Zenith has invested more than $100 million to install new automated production equipment for color picture tubes and a new production line for computer display tubes.
As previously disclosed, Zenith's strategic plan includes an investment of more than $100 million in a new 325,000-square-foot large-screen color picture tube plant in Woodridge, Ill.
The company also will invest $80 million in its Melrose Park manufacturing facility to automate existing television picture tube production lines and to install a new line for computer display tubes (CDTs).
5 million mid-size (21-inch), large (25-29-inch) and very large screen (VLS; 30-inch and above) color picture tubes in China this year, enabling the company to double its market share to more than 20% in the large and VLS segments alone.
addition that will expand the company's color picture tube plant in
Compounding the issue, picture tube production has moved away from the group's historical home markets in North America and Europe to Asia.
In 1996, SDD plans to produce 36 million CPT's, securing 17% of the world picture tube market.
6 million progam approved by the Executive Committee of Zenith's Board of Directors, the company plans to install a new production line for the high-margin tubes at Zenith's color picture tube plant in Melrose Park, Ill.
In addition to providing increased working capital and financing flexibility to run the business, they will help augment other financing activities to support our planned expansion of picture tube production capacity," he said.
In the United States, the sale includes excess and currently unused television picture tube process, glass forming and finishing lines.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Reflecting continuing pressures from the worldwide glass shortage, Zenith Electronics Corporation (NYSE: ZE) has raised color picture tube prices, the company said today.