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Captiva is Polaroid's first instant camera system that allows pictures to develop and remain stored inside the camera, allowing for continuous instant picture taking.
Whether you're a photo enthusiast or just a casual picture-taker, Kodalux Processing Services will make your picture taking more memorable by delivering back to you unmatched premium quality processing," Fitzgerald said.
In this execution, the PowerShot camera plays a larger role and once again captures a special picture taking moment, which Sharapova helped to create.
The EASYSHARE C330 camera and Printer Dock system (US$279 MSRP) is an all-around system for a variety of picture taking and sharing experiences.
OTTAWA -- Combines Sophisticated Monochrome, Color Picture Taking Capabilities With Ability to Read Most Bar Codes
Flash capability is critical for megapixel phone cameras now coming to market and for picture taking in low light environments.
The ideal camera for kids and vacation use, the Polaroid 345AF features a motorized film advance and rewind, making picture taking easy.
Like the device's camera, the phone can function with the phone swiveled open or closed and the phone automatically goes into "camera" mode when the protective lens cover is opened, allowing for spontaneous picture taking.
Auto focus, a feature normally found on more expensive cameras, makes picture taking simple with clear and sharp results.
as well as creative capabilities for enhanced picture taking
Amateur and professional photographers alike have quickly embraced the convenience of digital picture taking," said Jim McKibben, Tegal's vice president of worldwide marketing and sales.
The Oregon Scientific DS6618 camera revolutionizes the size and shape of picture taking for the average consumer.
With its ability to capture high-resolution 2400 x 1600 images, the PDR-M81 raises the quality bar for consumer digital picture taking.
The campaign will teach consumers how to optimize picture making and picture taking with digital images through Fujifilm's simple four-step solution: "Shoot, Store, Print and Share.