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a postcard with a picture on one side

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A CARDIFF historian has co-written a book with his daughter depicting the city's social and historical change through picture postcards.
Lands that were distant yet could easily be accessed by transport and had tourist potential were of natural interest to publishers of the picture postcard format.
Riley Workman, 83, was shot dead in 2004 when he answered a knock on his front-door in the picture postcard village of Furneux Pelham, Herts.
Residents in picture postcard Meriden - famous as the centre of England - turned to people power to stave off the threat.
Postcards are a Great British tradition and it's wonderful that people have such affection for them still," Sky News quoted Brian Lund, editor of Picture Postcard Monthly Magazine as saying.
The development of the picture postcard in Britain was delayed by the Post Office imposing higher postage on privately printed cards and by its insistence, until 1902, that one side of the card had to be reserved for the address and stamp, any picture having to share the other side with the written message.
To preserve the picture postcard view over Lake Bled, an hour's drive from the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, the local authorities insist that every building and tree visible from the lake be preserved, including a decrepit hillside villa a company president bought for the same enchanting view.
The picture postcard craze went hand in hand with the rise of a new consumer culture, a more affluent society, and a new middle class.
Classic moment: The insects attack the Wrigley Building, only the ``building'' is really a picture postcard.
Readers are forced to piece together the reality behind this picture postcard, although Brundtland is quite frank about her domestic division of labor.
Once the vultures are gone, Death Valley is not going to be a picture postcard destination for tourists.
By 1908, the police, told to crack down on the trade of sexualized postcards, labeled the phenomenon "the picture postcard craze.
Using sets and costume designs borrowed from Louisville Ballet and Tulsa Ballet Theatre, and based on Etienne de Beaumont's originals for the 1938 production, the production is a picture postcard of Offenbach's evocation of French highlife.
MESSAGE ON THE CARDS: Keith Mallinson's picture postcard
be his the IT WOULD take a sensational view to turn heads away from the sights in Warwick's picture postcard Mill Street, which nestles beneath the castle's architectural masterpiece Caesar's Tower.