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As I am thinking about compiling a book on Cardiff's Vanished Cinemas, I would love to hear from anyone with information, photographs and anecdotes about Cardiff's lost picture palaces.
Most American movie theatres in the early 1960s, though, were neither shopping-center theatres nor drive-ins but downtown picture palaces or inner-city neighborhood movie houses dating back to the pre-World War II studio-era of American cinema.
Even the Electric Picture Palace, opened in 2002 by Michael Palin, has a Mighty Wurlitzer organ to entertain patrons.
From its beginnings as the 'new' Belmore Market (1892-3) designed by the City Architect, George MacRae, with a series of arches for its 36 entrances and classic decorative stained glass windows, the theatre became in 1905 a hippodrome, then a picture palace and then a theatre in the 1920s.
Film enthusiasts have recreated a pre-First World War style picture palace in Southwold, Suffolk.
There's no need to go to the picture palace downtown when there's a multiplex at the mall.
In this former hamlet of Winson Green, once known as Wynesden, Winson Green Picture Palace also once stood opposite the prison on the corner of Wellington Road, entertaining people for a staggering 45 years.
Organiser Ken Kaye said: "We look forward to taking people back to those heady days when an evening would be spent in a flea-ridden, smoke-filled picture palace, sniggering at the antics of the Three Stooges or marvelling at travel documentaries of exotic places you had little hope of ever visiting.
Movie-goers at the time were said to be stunned by the magnificence of the new picture palace.
The Pavilion first opened in 1911 as the Grand Electric Theatre before it became the Pavilion Picture Palace in 1915.
The Picture Palace and Other Buildings for the Movies.
Close by was the 2d picture palace known as the Ranch because of the cowboy films it showed.
The hotel is conveniently located at Picture Palace and within close proximity to the renowned Kulri Market.
Like Harry's picture palace in Lawson, it's a glowing tribute to the dream-like escapism of cinema.