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one of the twelve cards in a deck bearing a picture of a face

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It is a classic memory game of flipping picture cards and matching the pictures.
explains how teachers can use word and picture cards to help individual students and those in small groups understand words instead of just reading them.
A graduate research assistant taught John to request, both verbally and with picture cards, for preferred toys and items.
The picture cards that came with non-tobacco products are generally referred to as trade or trading cards.
The proprietor of Cofton Collections on Bristol Road South, Northfield, has selected a dozen picture cards from his own collection for a fascinating Calendar from The Lickeys, 2005.
This research-based assessment and instructional package for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade is composed of three parts: 1) the Oral Language Acquisition Inventory (OLAI), 2) the Oracy Instructional Guide--Linking Language and Literacy, and 3) picture cards for story reconstruction and narrative.
Johnson said she had several goals in mind in developing the picture cards, including saving the consumer time by eliminating the need to cart rugs home and back to the store, and helping her involve friends and family in the shopping process.
By working with learning disability staff and speech and language therapists we were able to create a series of picture cards which explain the procedure step by step.
The camera records images to the new-format xD Picture Cards.
Gelber has written a very serious and sophisticated history of crafts and hobbies in America, along the way readers are treated to a trip down a memory lane, first of collecting--stamps, coins, picture cards, dolls, and so forth--and, then, of hobbies such as embroidery for girls or modeling for boys.
The plaintiff also used picture cards or a hand-held computer device to assist in his communication.
Human frailty, pathos, sheer fun, were well captured in the millions of picture cards sent when postage was just halfpenny.
The 29cm x 23cm album has 16 pages which outline the story of Anastasia in vivid colour - each interspersed with wallet-style sheets in which you can display your great double-sided picture cards individually.
One day, my three students in therapy were given picture cards and asked to produce two one-word clues so that others could guess what was in the picture.