pictorial representation

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visual representation as by photography or painting

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What is ironic is that almost simultaneous with the unseating of optical criteria in the West, those same criteria began to transform standards of pictorial representation in China.
Those characteristics are reinforced by the isotype application as represented by the classic circular terrestrial signal and global orbit symbols, resulting in a clean, simple, uniform and attractive pictorial representation.
The first part of this paper introduces a story with the use of vivid description and pictorial representation of personified character of each consonant and vowel.
As per the Rules every package of cigarette or any other tobacco product shall contain a specified health warning, a health warning, a pictorial representation of ill-effects of tobacco use and a health message.
Wearing offers the makeover as an affirmation of the transformative power of pictorial representation.
Where other art titles focus on a pictorial representation of her achievements, BECOMING JUDY CHICAGO, in contrast, provides an in-depth study of her life and is the only biography to offer such depth and details, considering not only Chicago's influences and contributions, but how her works helped transform society.
James and Kozak assess the pictorial representation of the earthquake, focusing on the dichotomy between rational, secular representations and emotive, religious, or providential interpretations.
How can a concrete or pictorial representation of the grouping be produced to communicate the abstract idea to students in a meaningful way and allow them to transfer the idea to a variety of problem-solving situations?
The present paper is directed at the traditional domain of the resemblance theory: non-mental, realist pictorial representation.
SMART MRP - Latest feature includes a pictorial representation of your order processing with a “Flow Diagram” with actionable buttons with an easy user friendly graphical interface.
It focusses on the equivalence of commonly occurring fractions, decimal fractions, percentages and their pictorial representation.
According to the author, such works of art are likely to be small, inexpensive, or both, and they conspicuously demonstrate special skills of pictorial representation or execution and/or evidence of engagement in valued intellectual pursuits.
There are a number of such instances when the opportunity to discuss a larger issue is lost, as text gives way to pictorial representation.
As in Painting as an Art, he says that his ,psychological, account of pictorial representation is `the kind of account that Wittgenstein, quite rightly, deplored in an account of linguistic meaning, but that it is not here vulnerable to Wittgensteinian objections.
The intelligent reporting or i-reporting will provide a skill matrix for all the employees that will give a clear pictorial representation of the performance of workforce.