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visual representation as by photography or painting

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The critical incident in which several students found that 2/9 > 8/7 shows among other things that they do not understand the meaning of these symbols or the relationship between the symbolic and pictorial representations of a fraction.
The Court also restrained Pepe s Ducks for a period of 3 years from using the pictorial representation it had previously used without the words 'Barn Raised' prominently displayed in close proximity to the pictorial;
Leading Arab woman fine artist Nawal Al-Ajmi has impressed visitors with her unique pictorial representation of the poetry of famous Saudi poet Ibrahim Abdullah Aljuraifani.
Attached is the pictorial representation that our 5/6 classes drew in response to listening to one of the chapters in this text.
Perhaps the biggest criticism is the layout and structural organisation of this book which makes it somewhat heavy going and repetitive in places which could have been aided by the text being broken up with more pictorial representation and figures.
It was with considerable satisfaction that I opened my Evening Chronicle on Monday afternoon to discover that a pictorial representation of Dr Mike Guy once again occupied a place of honour, as weekly tradition decrees, in the pages of the Your Health section.
THE pictorial representation of Huddersfield's 2005 General Election results given in the local Liberal Democrats' publication, The Post, implies that the Lib Dems were almost equal with Labour.
The pictorial representation of the equipment model has been chosen as a crucial communication element with the respect to potential users having different levels of technical knowledge.
Addressing the central question of pictorial representation in Iban cloth designs, Gavin's contention is that the main concern of a pua' design is the "decoration of a flat surface without leaving empty spaces rather than representational depiction.
The bench decided to intervene after Surana pointed out that the Emblems and Names ( Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 barred use of " the name or pictorial representation of Mahatma Gandhi" for the purpose of any trade, business or profession.
Each double page spread has a printed poem on the left and a lively, animated pictorial representation of the words on the right.
Above is an initial pictorial representation of the fully interactive version which will link to the webbased version of the Qualifications Framework.
Yet healing, too, was but one part of a larger world, for the viewer experienced the built environment, architectural space, and pictorial representation as interrelated parts that suggested the presence of the sacred in such a way that the very act of looking at images marked an entrance into the world of grace.
The volume is divided into three sections: the first deals with narrative motifs and styles; the second examines the 'Nights' from a comparative point of view and the third unfolds the relationship between the written text and its pictorial representation.
Equally, pictorial representation, which is actuality expressed by a mind conditioned by experience and predilection, does not become Art unless what is expressed is successfully communicated.