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a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard


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I promise that we will make a pickup truck right after Model Y.
1 automotive company announced its decision to move forward with its planned pickup truck development.
when they were attacked by gunmen on board a white pickup truck and a motorcycle.
Truck Trend, the United States premier light-truck authority, has chosen the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali as the winner of its second annual Pickup Truck of the Year Award.
Together, the top 10 states for pickup truck thefts comprise nearly 66 percent of all pickup truck thefts in the nation.
RAY: The problem for manufacturers is that, once you design and build a smaller pickup truck and equip it with everything a modern vehicle needs to have, it doesn't cost much less than a full-size pickup.
BEIRUT: A driver crashed his bus into a pickup truck after suffering a heart attack while driving on Dahr al-Baidar international highway Monday.
The driver was heading west on Main Street when his red Nissan pickup truck sideswiped a parked sport utility vehicle, drove over a curb, then struck a post and a bench before plowing into the front of the bank, Cottage Grove police Cpl.
pickup truck sales track closely with new home starts in bad times and in good.
The pickup truck collided with a 2006 Saturn Ion and then hit a 1992 Toyota Tercel driving directly behind it.
Meridian began using the new approach in mid-2001 for pickup truck fenders, but it has since expanded its uv-curing line in Kansas City to include a wider range of part sizes and shapes.
Children seated in the back seat of an extended-cab pickup truck are more than four times as likely to get hurt in a crash than children in the back seats of other vehicles, said Dr.
He was reversing a lawn tractor out of a pickup truck when the machine dislodged the two planks he had been using as a ramp.
Many years ago, a risk manager compared a captive with a pickup truck.
In the past we've alerted you to the dangers of children suffering injuries when riding in the back of a pickup truck.