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on a weekend and the crowd at Matina Town Square (MTS) appears comfortably settled with their beers and pica-pica while watching the night's featured bands.
They both circulated among the 85 who had signed up for the dinner, sampling the substantial pica-pica passed around.
Guests who prefer a lighter version can enjoy the pre-dinner pica-pica called aperi-grill from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
An excellent menu was prepared by chef Adrien Guerreye who devised the pica-pica with fish tartare, foie gras empanada, shrimp cake and duck maki with goat cheese.
Choose from any of the traditional Chinese-style Leg of Ham that offers extra-juicy, sweet-salty tender meat; Chicken Ham stuffed with galantina; Chinese-style Boneless Ham that's ideally served with bread; and honey-cured American Ham that makes for a great party pica-pica.
What: This festive mix of Spanish and Pinoy favorites includes Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka, tasty stewed pork belly swimming in crab fat and bits of garlic; Callos Madrilena, stewed ox tripe, garbanzos and chorizo bilbao in thick tomato sauce; Paella Fideua, a flavorful paella made with pasta instead of rice; and Spicy Cheeseball with crackers, an all-day cheesy pica-pica indulgence.
Do you know that President Aquino's favorite pica-pica, midnight snack and comfort food is a crunchy pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro City?
The restaurant's latest offering is Grilled Fish Barbecue Meal grilled skewered fish fillet with the delicious Java Rice, Pica-Pica Sauce and Ensaladang Talong.